noticeNew applications for Type Xi Plan Ninen are no longer accepted as of Sunday, August 31, 2014.

This billing plan enables use at a lower monthly charge than with Type Xi Plan under the condition that you continue using the same line for a period of two years.

Application : Required

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Greater savings on basic monthly charges

The basic monthly charges are lower than with Type Xi Plan.

About Usage Charges

Table of charges

Xi Voice Plans Basic monthly chargenotice1 Dialing chargesnotice2
(per 30 sec.)
Packet communications charges
(without packet flat-rate service subscription)
Type Xi Plan Ninen ¥743 ¥20 ¥0.6/KB
  • notice1 There is no communications allowance.
  • notice2 The charge for digital communications (Videophone calls and 64K data communications) is ¥36.

Notes on the subscription

  • noticeType Xi Plan Ninen is provided under the condition that you continue using the same line for a period of two years and will be renewed automatically unless a change of billing plans or a change or cancellation of the subscription is requested.
  • noticeIf you cancel the subscriber line, change your billing plan to other than a Xi fixed period subscription type billing plan, etc., outside of the first or second month after the month in which the subscription expires, a cancellation charge of ¥9,500 will be required.
  • noticeCharges are uniform regardless of the called party, region, and the time of day (except for international communications and marine satellite communications).
  • noticeCharges are calculated in 30-second increments (except for international communications).

noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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