Hearty Discount

FOMA Xi "crossy"

Talking, exchanging mail, and using Videophone; handset applications continue to expand.
DOCOMO's Hearty Discount is a service to allow you to connect to your family and loved ones to tell them how you feel and that you love them.

This service is for customers who have been issued any of a government-issued identification booklet for the physically challenged (Shintai Shogaisha Techo), government-issued identification booklet for the mentally challenged (Ryoiku Techo), government-issued welfare booklet for the mentally ill (Seishin Shogaisha Hoken Fukushi Techo), government-issued specified disease treatment recipient certificate (Tokutei Shikkan Iryo Jyukyushasho), government-issued specified disease registrant certificate (Tokutei Shikkan Torokushasho), and specified intractable disease medical expense recipient certificate (Tokutei Iryohi [Shitei Nanbyo] Jyukyushasho), and who are registered as users.

  • The names of the booklets and certificates may differ depending on the issuer.
  • Application : Required

POINTService points

  • Discount off basic monthly charges
    Get ¥1,700 off the basic monthly charges of applicable basic plans (Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru).
    There is also a discount off the basic monthly charges of FOMA billing plans and Xi billing plans that are applicable for Hearty Discount. (A discount applies for each of a plan that allows voice calls and a data communications dedicated plan.)
    Get ¥1,700 off Kake-hodai Plan and Data Plan without fixed period subscription.
  • 60% off monthly usage charges for various services
    Lower monthly usage charges for i-mode, Voice Mail, and other services.
  • Videophone communications charges are the same as voice communications charges
    Videophone communications charges (that usually are 1.8 times as much as voice communications charges) are the same as voice communications charges.
  • When subscribed to Hearty Discount, you cannot subscribe to Fami-wari MAX50, Hitoridemo Discount50, New Ichinen Discount, Long-Term Subscriber Discount, Flat-Rate Data STANDARD-WARI2, Flat-Rate Data 128K-WARI, or a fixed period subscription type plan at the same.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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