Discount services that cannot be used at the same time as Hearty Discount

  • Xi fixed period subscription type billing plans
  • Long-Term Subscriber Discount
  • Fami-wari MAX50
  • Hitoridemo Discount50
  • New Ichinen Discount
  • Business Discount50
  • Business Call Discount
  • Office Discount
  • Office-wari MAX50
  • Business Discount
  • Option Pack Discount
  • Flat-Rate Data STANDARD-WARI
  • Flat-Rate Data STANDARD-WARI2
  • Flat-Rate Data 128K-WARI
  • Flat-rate Data Communications Discount

noticeIf you are using Family Discount, Family Discount will not apply to basic monthly charges (although Family Discount will apply to dialing and communications charges between family members).

Charges ineligible for discount

  • Voice communications charges
  • International calls
  • Dialing/communications charges for international roaming
  • Flat-rate monthly charge and limit charges of each packet flat-rate service
  • Xi Kake-hodai monthly charge
  • Global Pake-hodai limit charges
  • Packet Pack monthly charge
  • FOMA Ubiquitous Plan basic monthly charge and communications charges
  • Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service monthly charge
  • Digital communications chargesnotice1
  • notice1 FOMA digital communications charges (except for i-motion via 64K digital communications and Videophone) are not eligible.
  • Cancellation charges for Fami-wari MAX50, Hitoridemo Discount50, Flat-Rate Data STANDARD-WARI, Flat-Rate Data STANDARD-WARI2, Flat-rate Data Communications Discount, New Ichinen Discount, Ichinen Discount, or fixed period subscription type billing plan of the Xi service are waived when applying for Hearty Discount.
  • Xi Kake-hodai, Yu Yu Call, Flat-rate monthly charge and limit charges of each packet flat-rate service, Pake-hodai, Pake-hodai full, Biz-hodai, Global Pake-hodai, and Packet Pack can be combined with Hearty Discount. However, please note that monthly charges and administration fee for those discounts are not applicable for Hearty Discount.
  • Hearty Discount does not apply to the monthly charge for Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service.
  • The discount amount for the basic monthly charge will be rounded off to the nearest ¥10 and the discount amount for the optional service usage charge will be rounded up to the nearest ¥1. Furthermore, if any of the following requests are made during the month, the discount amount will be calculated on a per diem basis and rounded up to the nearest ¥1.
    • Cancelling or transferring the subscription for mobile phone service (when calculated immediately)
    • Changing subscription between FOMA and Xi "crossy"
    • Changing subscription to FOMA Ubiquitous Plan
    • Changing billing plans
    • Applying for, changing, or cancelling optional services
  • In cases where the following changes have occurred in the booklet, call the docomo Information Center at 0120-005-250 (toll free), or visit a local docomo Shop.
    • If details (identification number and issuing body) have been changed
    • If you are no longer qualified and have returned your identification booklet/certificate

noticeThe "Xi fixed period subscription type billing plans" and "packet flat-rate services" included on this page refer to the following.
Xi fixed period subscription type billing plans:
Type Xi Plan Ninen, Xi Data Plan Flat Ninen, Xi Data Plan2 Ninen, Xi Data Plan Ninen
Packet flat-rate services:
Xi Pake-hodai Light, Xi Pake-hodai Flat, Xi Pake-hodai Double, Xi Pake-hodai for Juniors, Pake-hodai double, Pake-hodai simple, Pake-hodai FLAT, Pake-hodai double 2, Pake-hodai, Pake-hodai full, Biz-hodai flat-rate monthly charge, Global Pake-hodai

noticeAmounts listed include consumption tax. Please note that for the actual bill the amount of the tax is calculated from the total of individual items excluding tax so the billing amount may differ from the total of individual items including tax.

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