Discount Services

Basic Monthly Charge Discount Services

Family Discount

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Family Discount logo

Basic monthly charges are discounted up to 25% for every member of the family who is a DOCOMO subscriber. Charges for voice and Videophone calls within the group are also discounted up to 30%. And i-mode mail within the group is also free.

Fami-wari MAX50 (discount service for families)


Fami-wari MAX50 logo

Basic monthly charges halved for the whole family right away with a two-year subscription.
An application is required for each line.

Hitoridemo Discount50


Hitoridemo Discount50 logo

Basic monthly charges halved right away, even for just yourself with a two-year subscription.

New Ichinen Discount


New Ichinen Discount logo

Save on basic monthly charges - up to 25% off - the longer you use DOCOMO.

Hearty Discount

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This service for people with special needs is a discount service for basic monthly charges, monthly usage charges of various services, etc.

Monthly Support Service

Monthly Support

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Monthly Support logo

Receive a discount on monthly usage charges with the purchase of an applicable model.

Dialing Charge Discount Service

Yu Yu Call Discount


Yu Yu Call Discount logo

Get discounts on communications charges to designated parties. You can even designate international numbers with WORLD CALL.

Various Discount Services

Option Pack Discount

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Subscribe to Melody Call, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding network services together and get a discount on monthly charges.

ISP Set Discount

If you have subscriptions with more than one of DOCOMO's Internet service providers (ISPs)*1 such as mopera U and i-mode for one Xi or FOMA subscription line, you will be discounted ¥150 off each ISP's monthly charge.

  1. ISP Set Discount applies to i-mode, sp-mode, mopera U (U Lite Plan and U Standard Plan), and Business mopera Internet.

e-billing Discount

You will get a ¥20 discount for each line starting with the amount billed for the following month if you receive your monthly bills via i-mode or the Internet.

Automatic discount services (no application required)

These discount services can be used without even applying for them.

Discount Services for Corporate Subscribers

View discounts available for corporate subscribers.

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  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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