ISP Set Discount

Save by combining i-mode, mopera U, or other services.

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Examples of Combining Services

If you have subscriptions with more than one of DOCOMO's Internet service providers (ISPs)*1 such as mopera U and i-mode for one Xi or FOMA subscription line, you will be discounted ¥150 off each ISP's monthly charge.

Image of examples of combining services
Image of examples of combining services
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  1. ISP Set Discount applies to i-mode, sp-mode, mopera U (U Lite Plan and U Standard Plan), and Business mopera Internet.
  2. Billed only in the months the service is used.
  3. When you are subscribe to mopera U (U Standard Plan), sp-mode, or i-mode part way through a month, the monthly charge will be calculated on a per diem basis, but the applicable period for ISP Set Discount will be the period in which you were subscribed to both providers.
  4. If you do not use mopera U (U Lite Plan) within the current month, a monthly charge of ¥300 will apply for i-mode.
  • ISP Set Discount is not applicable when you are subscribed to Hearty Discount.
  • i-mode is not available with smartphones.

Recommended for People who Want to Use the Mobile Phone They Already Own for All Their Data Communications Needs

Image of i-mode and mopera U
Illustration showing how one mobile phone can solve all your data communications needs

By adding a mopera U subscription, you can use the i-mode compatible handset you already own for all of your data communications needs, from connecting your PC to the Internet to playing online games with a handheld game console.

Data communications by connecting to a PC or other external devices

You can access data communications by connecting the mobile phone you already own to a PC's USB port.

Data communications using Wi-Fi access point functionality

With built-in Wi-Fi access point functionality, you can use your mobile phone to connect handheld game consoles and other devices to play online multiplayer games and more.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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