Applicable model*1 Packet Pack/Share option/packet flat-rate service Flat-rate data plans
Subscribers to basic plans Subscribers to Xi comprehensive plans or FOMA billing plans
Xi model Smartphone
Data communications product
Share pack 30
Share pack 20
Share pack 15
Share pack 10
Share pack 5
Data L pack
Data M pack
Data S pack
Raku-Raku pack*2
Business share pack 5-3000
Share option
Xi Pake-hodai Light
Xi Pake-hodai Flat
Xi Pake-hodai Double*3
Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone*4
Xi Raku-Raku Pake-hodai*5
Xi Pake-hodai for Business*6
Xi Pake-hodai for Juniors*7
Xi Data Plan Light
Xi Data Plan Light Ninen*10
Xi Data Plan Flat
Xi Data Plan Flat Ninen*10
Xi Data Plan2
Xi Data Plan2 Ninen*10
FOMA model Smartphone
Data communications product
Pake-hodai FLAT
Pake-hodai double 2*3
Raku-Raku Pake-hodai*8
Flat-Rate Data Plan Flat Value*3
Flat-Rate Data Plan Standard2 Value
i-mode phone No specification*9 No specification*9
Photo panel No specification No specification No specification