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Free 24/7 calling to DOCOMO subscription lines

noticeNew applications for Xi Kake-hodai are no longer accepted as of Sunday, August 31, 2014.

Domestic calling to DOCOMO subscription lines is available for free 24 hours a day at the flat-rate of ¥667notice1, regardless of whether the other party is using Xi or FOMA.

Flat-rate Voice Call Service for DOCOMO Subscribers

No dialing charges 24/7 for calls to DOCOMO subscription lines within Japan.

Flat-rate monthly charge ¥667notice1
Calls applicable for flat-rate monthly charges Domestic calls to DOCOMO subscription lines

noticeThe following communications charges are not applicable.

  • Outgoing/incoming calls overseas
  • Videophone calls and other digital communications
  • IP phones
  • 3-digit numbers such as directory assistance (104), the Time (117), and numbers starting with 0570 or 0180
  • Voice Mail Service (1417)
  • Call Forwarding Service (1421) operation numbers
  • Satellite phone/marine satellite phone services


  • Type Xi Plan Ninen
  • Type Xi Plan

Detailed Information

  • notice1 In addition, the basic monthly charge for Type Xi Plan Ninen or Type Xi Plan will apply.
  • noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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