New Billing Plans

Partial Revision of Requirements for Billing Plans

The monthly charges without mid-term cancellation charge of a two-year subscription or fixed period subscription will be reduce. For details, see the press release.

Press Releases (September 17, 2019) (in Japanese only)

DOCOMO offers all-in-one basic billing plans, even those that include data communications fees.
You can select Gigaho or Gigalight based on your data usage, as well as Data Plus, which is for data communications only and allows you to share data with another device subscribed to Gigaho or Gigalight. Also, Keitai Plan is available for docomo Feature Phone users, and Kids Keitai Plan is available for docomo Kids Keitai users.


This is a billing plan that covers voice calls and data communications combined. Up to 30 GB a month without speed restrictions. You can use the device with reception and transmission speeds of up to 1 Mbps even after surpassing your data limit of 30 GB.


This is a billing plan that covers voice calls and data communications combined. For data usage between 1 GB and 7 GB, you pay only for the data you use each month without paying any extra.

Data Plus

Recommended for tablets. With additional ¥1,000/month, you can share your data amount with available amount of Gigaho or Gigalight.

Keitai Plan

For docomo Feature Phone users, you can call and text for an affordable price of ¥1,200/month.

Kids Keitai Plan

For docomo Kids' Keitai and Kids' PHONE users, you can make and receive unlimited numbers of calls between family members for an affordable price of ¥500/month.

Related Discount Services

Minna DOCOMO Wari

This is a discount service for Gigaho and Gigalight users that becomes more affordable the more members of your family use docomo. The amount of discount is calculated according to the number of lines in your Family Discount group.

docomo Hikari set discount

If you use the service together with docomo Hikari, you can receive a discount of up to ¥1,000 a month from the monthly charge for each line with a Gigaho or Gigalight subscription within your Family Discount group indefinitely.

Zutto DOCOMO Tokuten

For every birthday, long-time users and heavy users of DOCOMO will receive an amount of d POINTs (limited period and usage) that corresponds to d POINT CLUB stage.

Gigaho Wari

Receive a ¥1,000/month discount for up to 6 months. Recommended for those who use 5 GB or more of data per month.

Hajimete Sumaho Wari

We are offering a discount campaign with a great deal on Gigaho and Gigalight plans for those switching from a feature phone to a smartphone for the first time. Receive a ¥1,000/month discount for up to 12 months.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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