Gigalight (Applied through September 30, 2019)

This is a plan for customers who applied on or before Monday September 30, 2019. We have stopped accepting new applications on September 30, 2019.

The discount conditions and cancellation fee are different for customers who subscribed on or after October 1, 2019. For details, please see Gigalight.

For families*1 using 3 or more docomo lines with a two-year fixed period subscription*2 costs from ¥1,980 per month per person*3. (For data usage of 1 GB or less per month)
This is a billing plan that covers voice calls and data communications combined. For data usage between 1 GB and 7 GB*4, you pay only for the data amount you use each month without paying any extra.

Monthly Charges

These are monthly charges of Gigalight.

Image of monthly chargesImage of monthly charges

(excl. tax)

Monthly Charges
Available data volume Monthly charges
Fixed period subscription Non-fixed period subscription
<Step 4>
up to 7 GB
¥5,980 ¥7,480
<Step 3>
up to 5 GB
¥4,980 ¥6,480
<Step 2>
up to 3 GB
¥3,980 ¥5,480
<Step 1>
up to 1 GB
¥2,980 ¥4,480

(excl. tax)

Monthly Charges
Domestic calling charges Among family members : Free
Other than family members : ¥20/30 sec.
SMS sending charges SMS (in Japan) From ¥3/sending, free for receiving
International SMS*5 From ¥50/sending, free for receiving

Voice Option

If you often make calls to people outside of your family, you can select the Kake-hodai Option for free domestic calls, or the 5hun-tsuwa-muryo Option for free domestic calls of up to 5 minutes in length.

(excl. tax)

Voice Option
Voice Option Monthly charges Calling charges
Kake-hodai Option ¥1,700 Domestic calling charges: Free*6
5hun-tsuwa-muryo Option ¥700 Domestic calling
Up to 5 minutes : Free*6*7
Usage exceeding 5 minutes : ¥20/30 sec.

About Gigalight two-year fixed period subscriptions

You can benefit by selecting a fixed period subscription (with or without automatic renewal) with cheaper monthly payments under the condition of agreeing to remain on the same line for 2 years, or you can select the non-fixed period subscription plan. When you select the fixed-period subscription, you can choose without automatic renewal of your subscription.

Discounts and Benefits

Minna DOCOMO Wari

You can receive a discount of up to ¥1,000 from a monthly charge per line based on the number of voice lines in the same Family Discount group.

(excl. tax)

Minna DOCOMO Wari
1 line 2 lines 3 lines or more
Discount amount - -¥500 -¥1,000
Charge after discount is applied <Step 4>
up to 7 GB
¥5,980 ¥5,480 ¥4,980
<Step 3>
up to 5 GB
¥4,980 ¥4,480 ¥3,980
<Step 2>
up to 3 GB
¥3,980 ¥3,480 ¥2,980
<Step 1>
up to 1 GB
¥2,980 ¥2,480 ¥1,980
  • The displayed charge applies to two-year fixed period subscriptions.

docomo Hikari set discount

When there is a line in your Family Discount group that is subscribed to docomo Hikari, you will receive a ¥1,000 discount from your smartphone monthly charge indefinitely.

Zutto DOCOMO Tokuten

As a privilege for long-term subscribers, we will reward you d POINTs (limited period and usage) on your birth month. The amount of d POINTs you receive depends on the length of your continued usage of a docomo mobile line and the amount of d POINTs you have amassed.


Please be sure to read the following before applying for Gigalight.

  • About billing plan in general


    • Monthly Support, Device Purchase Support, docomo with, docomo Student Discount for which new applications are no longer accepted as of May 31, 2019, and e-billing Discount do not apply to Gigaho, Gigalight, Keitai Plan, Data Plus, nor Kids Keitai Plan (hereinafter referred to as Billing Plans [Gigaho, etc.]). When changing to plans to Billing Plans (Gigaho, etc.) for a line for which a discount has already been applied, the discount will be terminated. (If you change to Billing Plans [Gigaho, etc.] during the cancellation charge period for Device Purchase Support, you will be required to pay the preset cancellation charge.
    • Billing Plans (Gigaho, etc.) (excluding Kids Keitai Plan) are billing plans that require a subscription to a designated ISP service. The listed monthly charges include the monthly charges (¥300/month) for the designated ISP service. If you use an ISP service with a monthly charge of ¥500, ¥200 will be added to the listed monthly charges.
      [Designated ISP Services]
      sp-mode (¥300/month)/mopera U Standard Plan (¥500/month)/Business mopera Internet (¥300/month)
    • For new subscriptions or an immediate change in billing plan, the new billing plan will be applied on the day of your application.
    • The monthly charges for billing plans and Voice Option will not be calculated on a per diem basis, regardless of the days of use. However, the monthly charge of the month of your application will be calculated with a per diem basis only if you apply for the service at the time of a new subscription application (including MNP). (Even if you apply for the service at the time of a new subscription application [including MNP], if you change/cancel/terminate your subscription during the same month [excluding changes/termination at an end of month appointment], the per diem basis will not be applied. When a per diem basis is applied, Gigalight will be calculated on a per diem basis according to the step of the new contract (including MNP) month.
    • The monthly usage charges for ISP services will be calculated at a per diem basis depending on the number of days of use. When you are not subscribed to an ISP service and apply to change to a Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.) that will be applied the following month, you will be required to subscribe to an ISP service on the month of your application, but you will not be charged until the following month. (If communications using an ISP service occur during the month that you applied for a Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.) that is to be applied the following month, you will be billed for the communications occurred according to the billing plan of the month of your application.
    • With regards to billing statement usage charges, if the Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.) subscriber (or the representative subscriber of the Billing Plan [Gigaho, etc.] if subscribed to a single billing service) would like the stetement by post, you will be charged an issuance charge of ¥100 per bill for those paying by automatic bank transfer or credit card, or ¥150 per bill for those paying by bill. (Excludes customers who are not responsible for the issuance charge of their bill, etc.)
    • Those who subscribe to a Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.) (excluding Kids Keitai Plan) may use the docomo Wi-Fi ISP option until June 30, 2020. During this period, the option will be free of charge because of the Free docomo Wi-Fi Campaign.
      In order to continue using the new Wi-Fi service after this campaign ends, you will need to be issued a d ACCOUNT and register your d POINT user information. Register early. We will provide details about our new Wi-Fi service separately on the DOCOMO website and such.
    • The Hearty Discount is applied to billing plans with a non-fixed period subscription. For Gigaho, Gigalight, Data Plus, and Keitai Plan, the amount of discount is ¥1,700 including the ISP service discount, and for the Kids Keitai Plan, the amount of discount is ¥500.
    • Domestic communications charges cost ¥20 every 30 seconds.
    • During international roaming, the SMS sending charge is ¥50 per message, and SMS sending charges for the ship/airplane roaming services are ¥170 per message. SMS messages can contain up to 70 characters in all cases.
      • Consumption tax is not added.
    • Communications charges to satellite ships cost ¥50 every 30 seconds.
    • If you are subscribed to Family Discount or Business Call Discount, domestic calls to members of the Family Discount or Business Call Discount group are free under the Billing Plans (Gigaho, etc.) (excluding Data Plus).
    • If you are changing billing plans multiple times during the same month, a processing charge of ¥1,000 will be applied from the third time you change.
    • Depending on network congestion, communication may be slow, or connection may be difficult. If your data usage is especially high within the last three days including the current day (FOMA: over 3,000,000 packets), your data rate may become slower than customers who have not used as much data. (This applies to communications on FOMA devices used under Xi subscriptions.) If you use a large amount of data during a certain period of time or during a single connection, you are connected for a long time, or you connect repeatedly during a certain amount of time, your communications may be interrupted.
    • Renewal Loyalty Points are not rewarded for Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.).
      If you switch to Billing Plan (Gigaho, etc.), you will lose the Renewal Loyalty Points that were granted before changing the plan.
  • About fixed period subscriptions


    • Under the condition that you remain on the same line for 2 years, your subscription will be automatically renewed every 2 years as long as you do not change your billing plan or change or cancel your subscription. However, if you have opted for no automatic renewal, your billing plan will be automatically changed to a billing plan without fixed period subscription starting the month following the final month of your subscription. Within the subscription period, you may change to a subscription with an automatic renewal.
    • You may apply for no automatic renewal anytime between the 1st and 22nd month of your subscription.
    • The subscription period is 2 years (24 months), and the day of your application to the end of the following month is considered the 1st month (unless you applied on the 1st of the month, in which case the 1st month is considered to be the month of your application).
    • If you are subscribed to a fixed period subscription type basic plan and fixed period subscription type discount service before the change, the subscription periods will be continued.
    • If you cancel your line or change to a billing plan without fix-period subscription during the subscription period, you will be charged a cancellation fee. However, you will not be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel or change during the renewal period* that starts on the final month of your subscription.
      • The renewal period is three months: the month of the end of the two-year fixed period subscription, and the following two months.
    • The cancellation fee is ¥9,500.
    • You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you apply for a Hearty Discount when changing to a billing plan without fixed period subscription.
    • A cancellation charge will be billed at the time of billing for the use in the month procedures were conducted. Note that a cancellation charge will be billed together with the use charge for the month prior to the month procedures were conducted only if a cancellation charge is incurred from procedures on the first day of a month.
    • If you transfer your subscription or succeed the subscription, the subscription period will continue as is. (You will not be charged a cancellation fee.)
    • The subscription cannot be combined with a Hearty Discount.
    • If you change from a billing plan with a fixed period subscription to the Kids Keitai Plan, the subscription period will not be succeeded and will be reset. However, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.
    • If you change between the same billing plan with fixed period subscription and non-fixed period subscription during the middle of a month, you will only be charged with the monthly charge of the billing plan without fixed period subscription.
    • If you use Phone Number Storage while subscribed to a billing plan with fixed period subscription, the fixed period subscription period will not be succeeded. If you select a billing plan with fixed period subscription when canceling Phone Number Storage, a new two-year fixed period subscription period will begin.
  • About Gigalight


    • A monthly charge of a step based on your data usage (not including 128 kbps communication) will be applied. Note that the step for the month is determined when the billing amount for the month's usage has been established.
    • Speed Mode/Additional 1 GB Option (excluding unused data amount from the previous month) is applied after surpassing your data limit.
    • If you have surpassed your data limit for the month, your maximum data rate until the end of the month under Gigaho will be 128 Kbps for sending or receiving. Under Data Plus, this will depend on whether you are paired with Gigaho or Gigalight. However, by applying separately for the Additional 1 GB Option or Speed Mode, you will be able to use data at regular speeds (additional ¥1,000/1 GB is required).
    • Only when you change to Gigalight from Basic Voice Plan, Basic Data Plan, FOMA Comprehensive Plan, Xi Comprehensive Plan, Data Plus, Keitai Plan, or Kids Keitai Plan and have the change applied immediately following your application, your subscription will be regarded as having changed the billing plan on the first of the month of your application, and that month's fee will be recalculated. (The data you have used will be recalculated under the billing plan to which you changed.) In other cases, you will be charged for both monthly fees.
    • If you have selected Free Course and are changing to Gigaho, Gigalight, Keitai Plan, or Kids Keitai Plan, the change will be applied immediately upon application.
    • When you make this billing plan change applied immediately, if you subscribe to a Voice Option at the same time with this change, the Voice Option will be regarded as having been subscribed to on the first of the month of application, and your communication charge will be recalculated.
  1. Family indicates within the same Family Discount group.
  2. Automatic renewal, cancellation fee applies.
  3. This is the monthly charge with Minna DOCOMO Wari (3 lines or more) applied.
  4. When the data amount used exceeds 7 GB for a month, the maximum data rate will become 128 kbps for sending and receiving.
  5. Consumption tax is not added to international SMS messages.
  6. The flat-rate service does not apply for calls sending and receiving overseas, WORLD CALL, SMS, the connection services of other companies such as 0570 and 0180, Special Numbers 188 toll free calls, 104 directory assistance fees, satellite phones/satellite marine phones, telephone numbers designated by DOCOMO (telephone numbers for connections for long periods or high volumes of communication for a certain continued period through mechanical calls, etc.), etc. For details, please refer to the PDFExcluded Numbers List for Flat-Rate Calls [PDF format:167KB] (in Japanese only).
  7. The flat rate applies to all calls under 5 minutes regardless of the number of calls. However, calls longer than 5 minutes will incur a charge of ¥20 for every 30 seconds in excess of 5 minutes. Furthermore, the flat rate also applies to the charges of digital communications (Videophone calls, etc.) under 5 minutes.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
  • Please check the Conditions of Provision (in Japanese only) for details on Gigalight.
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