Internet Connection Service

Subscription is required to use the Internet.
Select accordingly to the product you are using.


Recommended for docomo Smartphone/docomo Tablet/docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode) users.
sp-mode is a provider (ISP) for smartphones that offers more convenient and worry-free smartphone use.

  • Application : Required

    Monthly usage charge : ¥300


Recommended for docomo Feature Phone (i-mode) users.
Enjoy the Internet with your feature phone. You can view the original menu site or homepage supported for i-mode, do e-mail, receive news and other information, and download content such as music or games.

  • Application : Required

    Monthly usage charge : ¥300

mopera U

Recommended for router or card users.
Internet is ready to use with Xi or FOMA + PC.

  Applicable subscription Application Monthly usage charge
mopera U Simple Plan Xi "crossy" Required ¥200/month
mopera U Standard Plan Xi "crossy"/FOMA Required ¥500/month

Otayori Photo Service

This is a service to display photos or videos on OTAYORI PHOTO PANEL placed somewhere far, by simply sending the photos or videos from your mobile phone or PC.

  • Application : Required

    Monthly usage charge : ¥200
    One of the monthly usage charges of FOMA services ① to ⑥ below will apply in addition to the monthly usage charges above.

    Monthly usage charge
     Device Plus 500 (Non-fixed period subscription) ¥1,000
     Device Plus 500 (Fixed period subscription) ¥500
     Otayori Photo Plan Flat (Standard) ¥1,000
     Otayori Photo Plan Flat (after applying Otayori Photo Plan-Wari) ¥500
     Fixed-rate Data Plan 128K (Standard) ¥3,010
     Fixed-rate Data Plan 128K Value (after applying Flat-Rate Data 128K-WARI) ¥1,505
  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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