Pake-hodai simple


A packet flat-rate service for Type Simple and Type Simple Value starting from ¥0 per month.

  • Application : Required

POINTService points

  • Mobile phone (i-mode/sp-mode) packet communications charges also have a limit of ¥4,200, which means worry free use
    You pay as you go for months with little use, and a limit of ¥4,200 means months with heavy use of mobile phone communications (i-mode/sp-mode) are worry free.
    i-mode Full Browser communications are also available with a monthly limit of ¥5,700.
  • Also applicable to smartphones
    Also gives you worry-free use of smartphone flat-rate communications*1, with a monthly limit of ¥5,700.*2
  1. Smartphone flat-rate communications refer to domestic FOMA packet communications using a smartphone flat-rate access point.
  2. When connecting to a flat-rate access point
  • Smartphones can exchange large volumes of data when the versions of installed software are updated, applications are used, and functions automatically perform communications in the background, so packet communications charges may become high and even a two-tiered packet flat-rate service may reach its upper limit in a short period of time. DOCOMO, therefore, strongly recommends using Pake-hodai FLAT.
  • i-mode monthly charge of ¥300 is required to use i-mode. (An i-mode subscription is not required if you use only ISP Content Access.)
  • A subscription to a compatible provider, such as sp-mode (¥300/month), or mopera U (U Standard Plan for ¥500/month), is required to use smartphones.
  • i-mode information charges may apply for some sites in addition to packet communications charges.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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