noticeNew applications for Xi Pake-hodai Light are no longer accepted as of Sunday, August 31, 2014.

This Xi packet flat-rate service for smartphones enables use for a flat-rate monthly charge of ¥4,700.

Application : Required

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Unlimited use at a flat-rate monthly charge of ¥4,700

  • noticeIf the amount of data used in the current month exceeds 3 GB, the data rate up until the end of the current month will become a maximum of 128 kbps for both sending and receiving. Also, applying for an optional service (¥2,500/2 GB after 3 GB is exceeded) will enable you to send and receive data at normal data rates. Please note that charges will become higher than the maximum for Xi Pake-hodai Flat and Xi Pake-hodai Double if you apply to cancel the use of 128 kbps communications with the Xi Pake-hodai Light subscription.
  • noticeThe flat-rate monthly charge is the same regardless of the usage method (including tethering).
  • noticeA separate subscription to an Internet connection service such as sp-mode (¥300/month) is required.

Detailed Information

Cancelling 128 kbps Communications

If you apply to cancel 128 kbps communications (¥2,500 per 2 GB), use will also be available at normal data rates when you exceed the data volume at which the data rates are switched to 128 kbps communications.

noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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