Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets)

<End of application period for Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets)>
We have stopped accepting new applications for Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets) on Friday, May 31, 2019. Customers who are currently subscribed will still be able to change between Kake-hodai Plan, Kake-hodai Light Plan, Simple Plan and Data Plan, and from Kids Keitai Plus to Kake-hodai Plan, Kake-hodai Light Plan, Simple Plan, and Data Plan beyond Saturday, June 1, 2019.

This is a standard plan for those who use voice and data communications.
Subscription to sp-mode (¥300/month), etc. is required to use the Internet.

  • Application : Required

About Basic Monthly Charges

These are basic monthly charges of Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets)

Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets)
Basic monthly usage charge Two-year fixed period subscription ¥2,700
No two-year fixed period subscription ¥4,200
Domestic calling charges To DOCOMO mobile phones Free
To another carrier's mobile phones, fixed-line phones, etc.
Data communication charges With Packet Pack subscription Select Packet Pack according to data communications usage volume
Without Packet Pack subscription Xi : ¥0.6/KB
FOMA : ¥0.08/packet
SMS sending charges SMS (in Japan) From ¥3 (¥3.24)/sending, free for receiving
International SMS From ¥50/sending, free for receiving
For details on Packet Packs, see hereFor details on Packet Packs, see here

Great Discounts and Services

Zutto DOCOMO Wari Plus/Renewal Loyalty Points

A discount or d POINT reward is granted according to the d POINT CLUB stage. When you renew your two-year subscription, you will also receive Renewal Loyalty Points.


  • An application cannot be made online when applying for only Kake-hodai Plan or Data Plan. Please apply at a docomo Shop or docomo Information Center.
  • It is provided under the condition that you continue using the same line for a period of two years and will be renewed automatically unless a change of billing plans or a change or cancellation of the subscription is requested. When the line is cancelled or the billing plan is changed to another non-fixed period subscription type billing plan during the subscription period, a cancellation charge of ¥9,500 will be incurred. (not required in the case of Free Course) However, the first and second month following the month of subscription period completion are exempt.
  • A cancellation charge will be billed at the time of billing for the use in the month procedures were conducted. Note that a cancellation charge will be billed together with the use in the month prior to the month procedures were conducted only if a cancellation charge is incurred from procedures on the first day of each month.
  • The flat-rate service does not apply for calls sending and receiving overseas, WORLD CALL, SMS, the connection services of other companies such as 0570 and 0180, Special Numbers 188 toll free calls, 104 directory assistance fees, satellite phones/satellite marine phones, telephone numbers designated by DOCOMO (telephone numbers for connections for long periods or high volumes of communication for a certain continued period through mechanical calls, etc.), etc. For details, please refer to the PDFExcluded Numbers List for Flat-Rate Calls [PDF format:167KB] (in Japanese only).
  • There is no limit to the number of outgoing calls and calls are not billed at a measured rate based on the call duration. However, as is the case with Fami-wari free calling, if DOCOMO determines that a call may have an adverse effect on its equipment because, for example, it has continued for a long time, DOCOMO may disconnect that call.
  • The basic monthly charge is also the same amount in the case of Free Course.
  • If communications using DOCOMO's network are made when docomo UIM Card is inserted in a device other than the one specified for each plan, the charges may vary depending on the device that is actually used.
  • There is no communications allowance for all plans.
  • If you want to use the Internet service, you need to subscribe to an Internet connection service such as sp-mode, mopera U (Simple Plan, U Standard Plan). However, you cannot subscribe to sp-mode (available with an i-mode subscription) and U Lite Plan and U Super Lite Plan of mopera U.
  • You cannot subscribe to the following discount services. If you are subscribed to them, they will be cancelled.
    Xi Kake-hodai, Xi packet flat-rate service, FOMA packet flat-rate service, Fami-wari MAX50, Hitoridemo Discount50, New Ichinen Discount, Long-Term Subscriber Discount, Yu Yu Call, WORLD CALL Ikkatsu Discount, Business Discount50, Switch to docomo Student Program, Student Program, Gakusei Kazoku Issho Wari, Kids Discount, Plus iPhone Program, Plus Xi-wari, Xi Data Plan Light-wari, Change to docomo Program, Switch to docomo Program, Welcome Back to docomo Program, etc.
  • With a basic plan (except for Kids Keitai and Kids PHONE), you can subscribe to the following Packet Packs.
    Basic Share pack, Ultra Share pack, Share pack 5/10/15, Basic pack, Ultra Data L/LL pack, Data S/M/L pack, Raku-Raku pack, Business Basic Share pack, Business Share pack 5-3000, Ultra Business Share pack 30/50/100
  • With a basic plan, you can also subscribe to Family Discount.
  • You can subscribe to Hearty Discount with non-fixed period subscription type Kake-hodai Plan, Kake-hodai Light Plan, Simple plan, Data Plan or Kids Keitai Plus, and the discount amount will be a uniform ¥1,700. (Discount amount will be ¥500 in the case of Kids Keitai Plus)
  • The basic monthly charge of a basic plan will not be calculated on a per diem basis, regardless of the actual number of days used. However, the basic monthly charge for the month of application will be calculated on a per-diem basis on the condition that you newly subscribe (including with MNP) at the same time as applying (but even if you newly subscribe at the same time as applying, the basic monthly charge will not be calculated on a per-diem basis if you change, cancel, terminate, etc. your subscription [excluding when you change or terminate your subscription with a reservation for the end of the month] within that month).
  • If you change one basic plan (except in the case of Kids Keitai Plus) to another, the highest charge among the charges for the plans in the same month will apply and the charges for the other plans will not be incurred. However, in the case of a change of plans including Kake-hodai Light Plan and Simple plan, the highest basic monthly charge among the plans within the same month will apply, and any call charges incurred while subscribed to Kake-hodai Light Plan or Simple plan will be billed as well.
  • When you change the Xi or FOMA Kake-hodai Plan to Data Plan or vice versa, a handling fee will not be incurred unless the subscription is changed from Xi to FOMA or vice versa. However, the change between Kake-hodai Plan and Data Plan is counted in the number of changes of plans and a plan-change handling fee of ¥1,000 per change will be charged from the third time onward in the same month.
  • The subscription period for a basic plan will not vary depending on your length of use. Furthermore, the cancellation charge will also be a uniform ¥9,500, except in the case of Free Course. Even if you change the plan for a subscription line with a length of use of over ten years to the fixed period subscription type Kake-hodai Plan of the basic plans, the subscription period after the change will become two years and a cancellation charge of ¥9,500 will be incurred. (except in the case of Free Course) Furthermore, if you are subscribed to a fixed period subscription type basic plan and fixed period subscription type discount service before the change, the subscription periods will be continued.
  • If the billing plan is changed from Kake-hodai Plan to Kake-hodai Light Plan etc., the discount amount for currently applied services such as Smartphone Debut Discount, Hikari★Sumaho Wari, Support Special Discount, and Senior smartphone debut discount will change.
  • With the exception of Ultra Pack and Keitai Pack, the flat-rate monthly charge is the same regardless of the usage method (including tethering). However, the basic monthly charge varies depending on the device that is used.
  • If you subscribe to one of the Ultra packs, tethering usage is possible with no need for application and no flat-rate charges at present due to the campaign which normally you will need to apply in advance (flat-rate charge of ¥1,000/month) to use it. When DOCOMO decides to end the campaign, you will be informed immediately.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
  • For the details on the provision conditions of the basic plan and Packet Pack of Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru, check Provision Conditions (in Japanese only).
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