Mr. Shin Kikuchi

Mr. Shin Kikuchi


Outside Member of the Board of Directors

Date of Birth

January 17, 1960

History, Positions, Responsibilities and Principal Concurrent Positions

Apr. 1982

Joined the Ministry of Home Affairs (currently the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Apr. 1989

Admitted to the bar in Japan (41st class), Registered with Daini Tokyo Bar Association
(To the present)

Apr. 1989

Joined Mori Sogo (currently Mori, Hamada & Matsumoto)

Sep. 1997

Admitted to the bar in New York
(To the present)

Apr. 1998

Founding Partner of Hibiya Park Law Offices

Oct. 2004

Partner of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

Apr. 2005

Expert Adviser of Economy Law Committee of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(To the present)

Jun. 2005

Outside Auditor of Jafco Co. Ltd.

Apr. 2010

Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate Schools of Law and Politics

Apr. 2020

Partner of Gaien Partners
(To the present)

Jun. 2020

Outside Member of the Board of Directors of the Company
(To the present)

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