Introduction to the CSR initiatives of DOCOMO which continues to challenge to ensure communications putting people in touch with one another and create new values aimed at making society secure and safe, and more affluent.


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DOCOMO and Society; Toward a Brighter Future. Introducing the DOCOMO Group's CSR initiatives.

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Statement from the CEO

Picture: Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, President and Chief Executive Officer
Kazuhiro Yoshizawa
President and Chief Executive Officer

Statement about DOCOMO's CSR initiatives from the CEO.

DOCOMO's Vision Realizing Sustainable Value Creation

Corporate Philosophy
DOCOMO Environmental Charter
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS 17 Goals to transform our world (in Japanese only)in Japanese only

DOCOMO's Initiatives and Evaluations

CSR Mid-Term Target
Environmental Declaration
Promoting Diversity
Evaluations By Outside Parties

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DOCOMO has launched various initiatives toward realizing SDGs' goal of creating a sustainable society.

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Documents and Guidelines

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