Introduction to DOCOMO's CSR philosophy and CSR initiatives.

CSR Policy

As a Smart Life Partner that makes the lives of customers more convenient and affluent, DOCOMO continues to be committed to solving social problems.

CSR Mid-Term Target

Presenting the CSR Mid-Term Target for 2020 consisted by targets and KPIs of "Eight Sustainability Focuses".

NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report

View PDFs of Sustainability Reports, CSR Communication Books, and past CSR reports.

CSR Evaluations by Third Parties

Introduction to external evaluations about DOCOMO's CSR initiatives.


As the foundation of its business activities, DOCOMO is committed to promoting CSR by ensuring appropriate organizational governance, compliance, respect for human rights, and supply chain integrity.

Promoting Diversity

NTT DOCOMO is promoting diversity to make the best use of a diverse range of employees with different attributes such as gender, age, and nationality to grow the company.

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