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We will strive to enhance customer service and achieve sustainable growth for the company by continuously delivering even greater value to each and every customer and to society at large. Kazuhiro Yoshizawa President and Chief Executive OfficerWe will strive to enhance customer service and achieve sustainable growth for the company by continuously delivering even greater value to each and every customer and to society at large. Kazuhiro Yoshizawa President and Chief Executive Officer

Message from Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, President and Chief Executive Officer

Q1. Where do you place CSR in DOCOMO's management?

<CSR is not separate from our business activities; it is synonymous with them.>

While the communications business constitutes a major pillar of DOCOMO's business activities, we have another pillar: creating value for society and generating innovative services. I believe that CSR does not exist separately from our business activities; they are in fact synonymous with them. The concept of serving society by providing new value has always formed the foundation of our business.

We view society as a whole as our customer, and we strive to add DOCOMO's strengths to those of local governments, universities and companies, as well as our partners in various fields, such as agriculture and medicine, to provide even greater value to society. We are pursuing this initiatives under the name of "+d" to deliver convenience, fun and reliability to each individual customer and services and solutions that address social problems to society.
Concrete examples include our project in Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, where we are collaborating with the Miyagi fisheries cooperative and local companies to install ICT buoys for monitoring water temperature in an effort to revitalize marine farming. We are also working with Kobe City on utilizing ICT and data to support children and the elderly and to cultivate human resources with proficiency in ICT. We have also joined Fukuoka City, Kyushu University and other partners to launch a joint project for developing autonomous driving technology in response to the lack of public transportation. These efforts reflect our commitment to addressing various social challenges.
"Innovative docomo" is our term for "+d" initiatives that address social challenges by co-creating social value through our business. Also, I want DOCOMO to be a sound, open and enjoyable company, which means it must be structurally trustworthy. We refer to initiatives for achieving this as "Responsible docomo." Together, "Innovative docomo" and "Responsible docomo" constitute the dual drivers for our CSR and creating a sustainable society.

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Q2. What initiatives will you pursue to fulfill your CSR?

The public expects initiatives on compliance, human rights and human resource development, which are in fact the fundamental constituents of corporate governance. I hope to enhance the company's social and economic value and make this a sound company that provides returns for stakeholders by sincerely addressing these initiatives.

Social Responsibility

<Our mission is to continuously provide stable communications for customers.>

We are responsible for sustaining the social infrastructure of mobile networks, and our mission is to continuously provide stable communications for customers. To maintain communications for everyone, we have established a system for monitoring networks around the clock and throughout the year.
In a recent incident, we worked to swiftly recover communications when the Kumamoto Earthquake struck in April 2016 by deploying mobile satellite base station vehicles and medium-zone base stations to secure communications in areas where service had been interrupted, and by dispatching mobile power generation vehicles to supply power to wireless base stations. As a result, communications were fully restored to pre-earthquake levels in all our service areas, excluding restricted areas, by the fourth day after the main earthquake. We also supported the affected areas by offering free mobile phone charging and Wi-Fi access at evacuation shelters and by providing the use of mobile phones and other devices, free of charge, to public agencies. While we are naturally entrusted to secure communications as a social infrastructure, we believe we are also obligated to do everything we can to support the recovery effort.

Corporate Governance

<We are seeking even greater transparency through timely disclosure of necessary information.>

We must further strengthen our corporate governance to continuously enhance our corporate value, and I hope to ensure even greater transparency by disclosing necessary information in a timely manner.
In addition, strengthening information security is a key issue for a company that handles the personal information of customers. Especially in light of increasingly advanced and sophisticated cyber-terrorism, we must reinforce our response in a number of aspects.
So that DOCOMO can grow as a sound company that serves society, each individual employee must hone their own sensitivity. I will promote diversity management that generates ever greater value by further strengthening our human resource development and creating an open-minded organization so that we can combine and convert the various ideas of our diverse employees into a fresh source of energy.

The Environment

<We will continue to actively save energy and promote the development and introduction of highly efficient base stations to reduce electricity consumption.>

In regard to the global environment, no one can avoid the urgent need to address global warming inducing climate change, and this includes DOCOMO. The Paris Agreement was adopted last year at the COP21 conference, and Japan has set its target for 2030 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% compared to the 2013 level.

We have installed network base stations across the nation and cannot avoid consuming a considerable amount of electricity. We will pursue energy-saving measures for our communications facilities and at the same time develop and introduce highly efficient base stations that actively incorporate technologies that lower the environmental impact of power generation and air conditioning equipment. In this way, we will continue to promote initiatives for reducing our corporate electricity consumption.

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DOCOMO delivers a message of "For ONEs" to characterize these CSR activities. Emphasis is placed on "ONEs", which represents "each and every person". DOCOMO believes that it is important to seriously address the problems and needs of each and every customer and provide even greater value by solving such problems and needs.
DOCOMO aims to improve customer service and ensure corporate sustainable development by continuing to provide even greater value for each and every customer and society.

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