Statement from the CEO

As always, DOCOMO strives together with its stakeholders to enhance customer service and achieve sustainable growth for the Company. Kazuhiro Yoshizawa President and Chief Executive OfficerAs always, DOCOMO strives together with its stakeholders to enhance customer service and achieve sustainable growth for the Company. Kazuhiro Yoshizawa President and Chief Executive Officer

Message from Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, President and Chief Executive Officer

CSR is not separate from our business activities; it is synonymous with them.

One pillar of DOCOMO's business is to continuously provide stable communications for customers. While this is our mission, another pillar is just as important, which is to continue providing new value for customers and for society as a whole. I believe that CSR does not exist separately from our business activities; it is in fact synonymous with them and has always formed the foundation of our business.

We view society as a whole as our customer, and we provide new value by adding DOCOMO's strengths to those of local governments, universities and companies as well as our partners in various business fields, such as agriculture and medicine. We are pursuing these initiatives under the name of "+d" to serve each individual customer by delivering benefits and convenience, enjoyment and surprise as well as satisfaction and peace of mind while engaging with our partners to co-create new value.

I want DOCOMO to be a sound, open and enjoyable company, which means it must develop a trustworthy corporate structure. We refer to "+d" initiatives for addressing social issues as "Innovative docomo," and initiatives for fulfilling our social responsibilities as "Responsible docomo." Together, "Innovative docomo" and "Responsible docomo" constitute the dual drivers for our CSR and creation of a sustainable society.

In April 2017, DOCOMO announced its "Declaration beyond" Medium-Term Strategy to 2020. The declaration clarifies what DOCOMO should do in the years ahead and expresses our commitment to all our stakeholders.

Concurrently, DOCOMO also announced the Mid-Term CSR Target as our new strategy for CSR activities toward 2020. With due consideration for SDGs and other new public requirements, we identified the "Eight Sustainability Focuses" and established concrete numerical targets and KPIs. One key initiative in DOCOMO's "Mid-Term CSR Target" is: "Contribute to society and the environment through ICT," which corresponds to Declaration 5, specifically "solution co-creation to solve social issues," in our "Declaration beyond." We will continue to actively disclose the progress of our CSR initiatives, linked with the "Declaration beyond," as we seek to realize a more affluent future.

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We will continue to be a trustworthy company

Social Responsibility

<Our mission is to continuously provide stable communications for customers.>

We are responsible for sustaining the social infrastructure of mobile networks, and our mission is to continuously provide stable communications for customers. To maintain communications for everyone, we have established a system for monitoring networks around the clock and throughout the year.

When the Kumamoto Earthquake struck in April 2016, we worked to swiftly recover communications by deploying mobile satellite base station vehicles and medium-zone base stations to secure communications in areas where service had been interrupted, and by dispatching mobile power generation vehicles to supply power to wireless base stations. As a result, communications were fully restored to pre-earthquake levels in all our service areas, excluding restricted areas, by the fourth day after the main earthquake. We also supported the affected areas by offering free mobile phone charging and Wi-Fi access at evacuation shelters and by providing the use of mobile phones and other devices, free of charge, to public agencies. While we are naturally entrusted to secure communications as a social infrastructure, we believe we are also obligated to do everything we can to support the recovery effort.

<We are working toward a secure, safe and comfortable society.>

Mobile networks have become an integral part of the social infrastructure and an essential aspect of daily life. While providing significant value to society, however, these networks have also been accompanied by new risks, such as false billings over the Internet, leakage of personal information caused by cyberattacks, the dangers of smartphone-distracted walking, and crime as well as other problems caused by the abuse of social networking sites. DOCOMO will continue to make a committed effort to address these issues through measures such as expanding smartphone and mobile phone safety classes, broadly targeting everyone from children to adults, for which attendance exceeded an aggregate total of 10 million in July 2017, and also providing a filtering service against harmful websites.

Corporate Governance

<We will continue making a sincere effort toward a further evolution in our corporate governance to remain a sound company.>

The public expects initiatives on compliance, human rights, human resource development and risk management, which are the fundamental constituents of corporate governance. I hope to enhance the Company's social and economic value and make this a sound company that provides returns for stakeholders by sincerely addressing these initiatives. To do that, seeking the further evolution of our corporate governance will be essential, in respect to both "offense" and "defense."

Offense in governance is about enhancing corporate value. Following my belief that the source of corporate competitiveness lies in people, I am pursuing workstyle reforms to ensure that diverse personnel can demonstrate their abilities on a sustainable basis. Specifically, DOCOMO is engaged in bold reforms with the goal of encouraging each employee to be autonomous and challenge-seeking, based on the three pillars of: diversity management, choice of workstyle, and health and productivity management.

In diversity management, we will not only develop women's careers but will also aim to harness the talents of our diverse employees regardless of gender or nationality, to become an organization where new value arises by combining and converting various ideas into a fresh source of energy. In workstyle reform, we will strive to provide a broad range of workstyle choices, including telework, sliding work hours and flextime. This will allow each individual to autonomously demonstrate their strongest abilities. Furthermore, we will engage in health and productivity management so as to improve the mental and physical health of employees along with the goal of enhancing productivity and corporate value.

We will promote these initiatives to create an environment in which our diverse personnel can better demonstrate their talents to increase productivity and bolster corporate competitiveness.

Defense in governance is about executing a sound business. I am aware that in concrete terms this means complying with laws and regulations is essential, as is upholding high ethical standards in business management. Moreover, we must ensure even greater transparency by disclosing necessary information in a timely manner.

In addition, strengthening information security is a key issue for a company that handles the personal information of customers. Especially in light of increasingly advanced and sophisticated cyber-terrorism, we must reinforce our response in a number of areas. DOCOMO applies the utmost attention when handling customer information, including at the docomo Shops, and implements various protective measures, such as providing training for all employees at least once a year, toward a greater understanding of corporate ethics.

The Environment

<We provide society with ICT services to reduce CO2 emissions in addition to seeking energy savings in our own communications network.>

In regard to the global environment, no one can avoid the urgent need to address global warming inducing climate change, and this includes DOCOMO. The Paris Agreement was adopted at the COP21 conference, and Japan has set its target for 2030 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% compared to the 2013 level. In response to these actions, the DOCOMO Group developed the DOCOMO Group Environmental Declaration and the Green Action Plan 2030, which present its vision and initiatives for fiscal 2030. Furthermore, we constructed the DOCOMO Group Environmental Management System, based on the ISO 14001 international environmental standard, as a mechanism for continuously improving our initiatives by repeating the PDCA cycle.

As for concrete activities, we are upgrading to next-generation green base stations by installing solar panels and high-capacity rechargeable batteries in addition to seeking energy savings for our nationwide communications network in Japan in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions from energy use. We also help society reduce CO2 emissions and adapt to climate change through ICT services and advanced technologies. For example, we provide digital content to conserve the resources required for the manufacture of books and CDs and are reducing the packaging and gasoline required to deliver them to the shops. Furthermore, by providing DOCOMO Bike Share and dcar share as environmentally friendly modes of transportation, we can reduce CO2 emissions caused by transportation. Also, we provide ICT solutions that mitigate the effects of climate change to primary industries such as agriculture and fisheries, thereby contributing to raising the efficiency of farming and enhancing productivity for fishery operations.

<We are promoting the "Tokyo 2020 Medal Project" to make effective use of resources.>

Since 1998, DOCOMO has been actively involved in collecting and recycling used mobile phones to make effective use of rare metal resources. It also participates in the "Tokyo 2020 Medal Project: Towards an Innovative Future for All," an initiative that was launched across Japan in April 2017. In this project, the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will produce nearly 5,000 gold, silver and bronze medals, which will be used in the Tokyo 2020 Games. Metals will be sourced from collected old mobile phones, computers and other small appliances. Moreover, this will be the first such experiment in all of history. DOCOMO has started collecting used mobile devices including smartphones and tablets at approximately 2,400 docomo Shops throughout Japan as part of its efforts to make effective use of resources.

  • NTT DOCOMO is a Gold Partner (Telecommunications Services) of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.
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Final Remarks

DOCOMO delivers the message of "For ONEs" to characterize these CSR activities, and emphasis is placed on "ONEs" representing each and every person. At DOCOMO we believe it is important to seriously address the problems and needs of each and every customer and provide new value by solving the problems and meeting those needs.

DOCOMO aims to improve customer service and ensure corporate sustainable development by continuing to provide new value for each and every customer and society.

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