NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report

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NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2019

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View DOCOMO's sustainability report, which aims to provide a comprehensive disclosure of information, in PDF format.

PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF format:22,061KB)

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NTT DOCOMO Group has been issuing an annual CSR Report to further dialogue with stakeholders. It summarizes DOCOMO's philosophy and initiatives relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR). In fiscal 2014, we reviewed past content from the standpoint of information disclosure and revised it so that readers could better understand DOCOMO's potential for value creation into the future, and we produced the Sustainability Report 2014. The publication of the Sustainability Report 2019 marks the sixth year of our efforts. For the reports, we compiled data based on boundaries related to our core communications business to provide a comprehensive report on our CSR philosophy and various initiatives in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. New content in this 2019 report includes an overview of DOCOMO's business as well as highlights of its activities related to sustainability.

  • Detailed information on our initiatives and data that are not contained in this PDF can be found on our corporate website. We have also created a CSR website named For ONEs to facilitate a better understanding of our CSR initiatives.
    For customers who use NTT DOCOMO Group products and services, we also issued the NTT DOCOMO Group CSR Communication Book, a concise printed report in a reader-friendly format on topics we are particularly keen to communicate.
    For detailed information on DOCOMO's business strategies and activities, please see the Integrated Report.

CSR Report from Past Years


PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2018 (For viewing) (PDF format:6,757KB)

PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2018 (For printing) (PDF format:5,612KB)


PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2017 (PDF format:13,465KB)


PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2016 (PDF format:10,762KB)

PDFImpact Valuation Report (PDF format:2,834KB)


PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2015 (PDF format:3,725KB)

PDFNTT DOCOMO Group CSR Communication Book 2015 [PDF format:6,136KB] (in Japanese only)


PDFNTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report 2014 (PDF format:5,101KB)

PDFNTT DOCOMO Group CSR Communication Book 2014 [PDF format:2,398KB] (in Japanese only)

  • We changed the name of the report from "CSR Report" to "Sustainability Report" in fiscal 2014.


PDFCSR Report 2013 (PDF format:11,226KB)

PDFCSR Digest 2013 [PDF format:5,465KB] (in Japanese only)


PDFCSR Report 2012 (PDF format:5,865KB)

PDFCSR Report 2012 (booklet version) [PDF format:14,804KB] (in Japanese only)


PDFCSR Report 2011 (PDF format:4,807KB)

PDFCSR Report 2011 (booklet version) [PDF format:18,420KB] (in Japanese only)


PDFCSR Report 2010 (PDF format:4,484KB)

PDFCSR Report 2010 (booklet version) [PDF format:5,603KB] (in Japanese only)


PDFCSR Report 2009 (PDF format:4,818KB)

PDFCSR Report 2009 (booklet version) [PDF format:5,774KB] (in Japanese only)

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