DOCOMO Environmental Charter

DOCOMO Global Environmental Charter (Enacted on June 1, 2007; revised on October 17, 2016)

Basic Philosophy

The NTT DOCOMO Group views global environmental problems as important issues to be addressed by management. By developing and providing services centered on the mobile ICT, we will stimulate innovation in diverse aspects of lifestyle and business, and work with customers to support society's efforts to protect the environment. We will also work to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities.

Basic Policy

Conduct Business with the Environment in Mind

  • Actively promote businesses contributing to reducing environmental impact through the provision of ICT services.
  • In all business activities, curb emissions of greenhouse gases, conduct proper management of hazardous materials, and encourage resource conservation by promoting the "three Rs" (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Strengthen Environmental Management

Comply with all environmental laws and regulations and through environmental management systems avoid risk and continuously improve performance.

Promote Environmental Communication

  • Promote environmental activities in cooperation with business partners, throughout all processes: procurement, research and development, sales, and after-sales services.
  • Disclose accurate environmental information to help others understand the DOCOMO Group's environmental activities, and use feedback received to improve these activities.
  • Enhance environmental awareness through the environmental training of employees and communication among all corporate levels and departments.

Preserve Biodiversity

Understand the relationship between biodiversity and our business activities and promote initiatives to preserve biodiversity for future generations.

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