Universal Design

To satisfy each and every one of its customers, DOCOMO is committed to ensuring the provision of products and services that can easily be used by anyone.


DOCOMO promotes developing and providing mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices with awareness on a universal design.

Customer Service Counters

DOCOMO promotes improving hard and soft services by, for example, improving customer service counters and staff skills for dealing with customers with awareness on a universal design.


DOCOMO promotes various support services to ensure that everyone can use their mobile phones, smartphones, and other devices more comfortably.

Introduction to Apps to Support Users with Disabilities

Text input app, Move&Flick

This is an application for iOS that allows users to easily enter text for mail, searches, and other purposes without looking at their fingers on smartphones. This text input application is also easy to be used by visually impaired users, because users can begin inputting text anywhere in the text input operation area of this app, which is different from conventional text input methods where users must touch the exact positions of the keys on the screen.
This app has also a readout function that allows users to check that their input words and sentences are correct.

Eliminate the anxiety of misunderstood speech with Mieru Call

This is an innovative service that converts the words of the other party in a telephone conversation into text in real time and displays them on the screen of your smartphone. It can be conveniently used by people who feel that it is difficult to understand the words of the other party when talking on the phone.
This service also makes it possible to send voice messages to others by simply inputting text. People with hearing impairments (such as being deaf or hard of hearing) and the elderly can conveniently use this service 24 hours a day.

  • Application must be made for test users to use the service during the trial period.
  • The accuracy of the text conversion may vary due to factors such as speaking manner and background noise.

Hearing-impaired user support app, KoeTra

KoeTra is an app that provides support to enable smooth communication between hearing-impaired users and non-hearing impaired users who cannot use sign language by converting text to voice and voice to text.
DOCOMO supports the KoeTra app to enable the smooth communication of people with disabilities and support their social lives.

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