Business Segments

This section contains data pertaining to NTT DOCOMO's business segments.

Segment Information

Business Segments

DOCOMO has three operating segments, which consist of telecommunications business, smart life business and other businesses.
The composition of our operating revenues by segment are as follows.

Operating Revenues and profit

(Billions of yen)

Main Business Areas

Telecommunications business

Mobile communications services

LTE(Xi) services, FOMA services (3G), International services, Sales of handset/equipment for each service, etc.

Optical-fiber broadband service and other telecommunications services

Optical-fiber broadband service, Satellite communications service, etc.

Smart life business

Content / Commerce services

"dTV", "d hits", "d magazine", "d shopping", "d travel", "DAZN for docomo", "Tower Records Japan Inc." etc.

Finance / Payment services

"d CARD", "d CARD mini", "iD", Proxy bill collection, "d Payment" etc.

Lifestyle services

"d photo", "d healthcare", "d gourmet", "OAK LAWN MARKETING, INC." etc.

Other businesses

Enterprises solutions

Enterprise IoT solutions, System development/sales/maintenance services, etc.

Support services for customers' peace of mind

"Mobile Device Protection Service", "Anshin Remote Support" etc.

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