IR Policy

IR Basic Policy

Building a firm relationship with shareholders / investors and improving our corporate value through the following IR activities.

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Disclosure of information

NTT DOCOMO discloses information based on laws and regulations related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and those set by the stock exchanges on which the Company is listed. In addition, we are committed to making clear and fair disclosure of material information which could influence investment decisions, and strive to make this information accessible to all market participants.

Method of disclosure

We are committed to disclosing information in a timely and transparent manner, and information disclosed by the Company is immediately made available to the press, as well as posted on our IR website.

Enhanced communication

We proactively engage in enhancing direct communication with our shareholders and investors by periodically holding presentations and responding to inquiries on a daily basis.

Furthermore, views and requests from our shareholders and investors are shared not only among the management team but across the Company, as these views help us to improve our services and business performance.

Quiet period

To prevent any leakage of information we have a quiet period in our IR communications two weeks prior to the planned release of earnings results. During this time we cannot comment or respond to any questions regarding earnings results.

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