Procurement Policy

CSR Procurement (Conflict Minerals, Green Procurement)

NTT DOCOMO pursues a CSR procurement policy that includes due consideration of human rights (such as handling of conflict minerals), adherence to labor standards, health and safety protections, environmental preservation (such as Green Procurement), strict adherence to fair dealings, product quality and safety assurance, information security and protection, promotion of social contributions, and more.

Earthquake Resistance Standards and Test Specifications for Communications Equipment

NTT DOCOMO has "Earthquake Resistance Standards for Communications Equipment" and "Earthquake Resistance Test Specifications for Communications Equipment" defined to apply to communications equipments with the view to securing their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Technical Requirements for Power-supply Interface of Communications Equipment

Technical Requirements for Power-supply Interface of Communications Equipment presents interface conditions and function conditions related to communications equipment with either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) as input in order to provide highly reliable communications services. At NTT Group, we are implementing DC power supplies because they are advantageous from the viewpoints of reliability, power-supply efficiency, and economic efficiency.

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