Intellectual Property

Expanding the Scope

DOCOMO actively researches and develops W-CDMA, LTE, LTE-Advanced and 5G technologies to upgrade its networks and launch new services, with the ultimate goal of enhancing mobile experiences for customers.

Towards this goal, the company continues its momentum in securing a large number of patents. In total, DOCOMO held some 5,300 patents in Japan and 8,400 patents overseas as of March 2016. Going forward, DOCOMO aims to strengthen its global competitiveness by steadily expanding the scope of its intellectual property.

Image of Number of DOCOMO Patents

Noteworthy Achievements and Contributions to Technical Standards

Among many noteworthy achievements in the field of intellectual property, DOCOMO patented the Base station, mobile station and method (Japanese patent No. 4440831) for LTE mobile communications in January 2010. The technology shortens the time required from turning on a handset to receiving signals from base stations, entering standby mode and detecting base stations for handover.

Image of National Invention Award presented to DOCOMO

The invention, which earned DOCOMO the Prize of Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office in 2015, also has been patented in the United States, China and Korea, and was adopted by ITU as an international standard.

DOCOMO has contributed to the establishment of numerous technical standards for wireless technologies, such as W-CDMA and LTE, and media coding technologies such as AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AAC. Also, many technologies developed by DOCOMO have been incorporated in global standards. The company owns a large number of standard-essential patentsnotice1. Independent analysis has placed DOCOMO in first place among telecom operators, and seventh among all organizations in terms of its global share of essential patents for LTE (Ref. New windowEvaluation of LTE essential patents declared to ETSI Version 3 by Cyber Creative Institute Co. Ltd., June, 2013 ).

Patent Licensing

DOCOMO licenses its standard-essential patentsnotice1 on FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) terms.

HTC Corporation

DOCOMO has granted a patent license to HTC Corporation. The agreement covers DOCOMO's W-CDMA, LTE and LTE-Advanced standard-essential patens.


DOCOMO has granted a patent license to HUAWEI. The agreement covers DOCOMO's standard-essential patents for wireless communication technologies.

LG Electronics Inc.

DOCOMO has granted a terminal patent license to LG Electronics Inc. The agreement covers DOCOMO's W-CDMA, LTE and LTE-Advanced standard-essential patents.

Including standard-essential patents, if you are interested in taking a license, please contact us at:

Patent Licensing Contact Information
Strategic Licensing Group
Intellectual Property Department
Sanno Park Tower, 36th Floor, 11-1 Nagata-cho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6136

patent hyphen license at nttdocomo dot com

Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain licenses to our standard-essential patents through the following patent poolsnotice2. If you are interested in taking a pool license, please contact the concerned Licensing Administrator.

Patent Pools through which DOCOMO Licenses standard-essential patents

Patent Pools through which DOCOMO Licenses standard-essential patents
Patent Pool Licensing Administrator
New windowLTE Via Licensing
New windowW-CDMA Via Licensing
New windowHEVC/H.265(High Efficiency Video Coding) MPEG LA
New windowAVC/H.264(Advanced Video Coding) MPEG LA
New windowMVC(Multiview Video Coding) MPEG LA
New windowAAC(Advanced Audio Coding) Via Licensing
New windowxHE-AAC(Extended High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding) Via Licensing
  • 1 Standard-essential patent: A patent which is unavoidably infringed when manufacturing a standard-compliant product without a license from the patent owner.
  • 2 Patent Pool: A mechanism whereby a plurality of patent holders collectively license standard-essential patents.
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