WHARF Exhibition Tour Information

1. Reservations

  •    1) How to reserve
    The availability for reservation can be checked from 5 to 90 days in advance at the following URL. Select the desired date and time to apply for a reservation. After the application is submitted you will receive an e-mail from one of the R&D Exhibition Hall (WHARF) representatives letting you know whether or not your reservation request was fulfilled.
            http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/corporate/technology/rd/rdcenter/wharf/ (Japanese)
  •    2) Time required for reservations to be finalized
    A representative from the R&D Exhibition Hall (WHARF) will reply to you by e-mail, usually within three business days after the date of your application, and let you know whether or not your reservation request was fulfilled. If you do not hear back from us within four business days, please inquire with us using the contact information below.
  •    3) How to cancel reservations
    Please inform us as soon as possible. If the tour confirmation e-mail has arrived and your reservations have been finalized, please reply to that e-mail. In other cases, please contact us using the contact information below.
  •    4) When to submit applications
    Applications can be submitted at the URL above 24 hours a day (except when the system is being updated).

2. Tour Times

  •    1) Exhibition tour schedules
    Three exhibition tours are held on weekdays at the following hours.
            10:00-11:30, 13:00-14:30, 15:00-16:30
    For tours aimed at elementary school students, the starting time is the same, but the length of the tour will be shortened to 40 minutes. Therefore, the starting and ending times of tours for elementary school students are as follows:
            10:00-10:40, 13:00-13:40, 15:00-15:40
    Also to prevent accidents during the tours for elementary and junior high school students, we ask that a guardian or caretaker (adult) accompany the children.
    For details, please see “[Tours] 9) Tours for elementary and junior high school students” below.
  •    2) Closings
    The hall is closed during Golden Week, Obon and year-end/New Year's holidays. There are also cases where the hall is closed for renovations. Tours are not held during these times.

3. Exhibition tours

  •    1) Exhibits
    An overview of the exhibits is provided on the website (at the URL above).
  •    2) Guidance on day of tour
    A tour guide will provide explanations and lead your group around the exhibits.
  •    3) Maximum number of people in tour
    The maximum number of people in each tour group is limited to 50 people. If your group is larger than 25 people, it will be divided into two groups.
  •    4) Shortening/extending length of tours
    If you would like a shorter tour, let us know when submitting your application. Due to the amount of exhibits, the length of the tours cannot be extended.
  •    5) Support for foreign languages
    The tours can be provided in either Japanese or English. Chinese narration is also available for some of the videos.
  •    6) Interpreting for foreign visitors
    Arrangements for interpreters should be made by the visitor.
  •    7) Display of national flags
    From time to time we receive requests to display national flag of visitors, but we do not have flags for all countries. Thank you for your understanding.
  •    8) Tours for elementary and junior high school students
    In order to prevent accidents during tours involving elementary and junior high school students we ask that guardians or caretakers (adults) accompany the children on the tours as follows:
  • 2nd grade (elementary school )or lower: We will discuss arrangements on a case-by-case basis.
  • 3rd grade (elementary school) or above: Ratio of one or more guardians/caretakers to every 24 students
  •    9) Photographs and videos
    Taking photographs/videos of exibits within the R&D Exhibition Hall are allowed. Please do not take photographs/videos of the guides and videos played in the Hall. Please consult us before hand if you wish to make your taken photographs/videos publically available.
  •  10) Media coverage of the R&D Exhibition Hall
    Please contact our PR Department in advance.

4. Access

  •    1) Access and area map
    Relevant information is provided at the following URL
  •    2) For visitors using charter-bus/car
    If you plan to come by charter-bus or car, please provide information on the number of cars as well as their license plate numbers in the application form. Since our designated parking area is limited, there may be chances that we ask you to use public transportation instead of charter-bus or car.

5. Other Information

  •    1) Restaurants in the vicinity
    The YRP website (http://www.yrp.co.jp/en/) has information on several restaurants in the vicinity of YRP. Contact the restaurants directly for details.
  •    2) Smoking
    Please refrain from smoking on all tours.

6. Inquiries

   R&D Exhibition Hall (WHARF) Inquiries

E-mail : tenji@nttdocomo.com
Tel: +81-46-840-3946 (Weekdays 9:30-12:00/13:00-17:00)
The number above is exclusively for tours of the exhibition hall. Please note that no other inquiries can be handled.

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