Disaster Message Board Currently Running Post your safety status information as text so that it can be checked from mobile phones and PCs. Checking messages Disaster Message Board Service
Disaster Voice Messaging Service Currently Running Post your safety status information as a voice message and it will be delivered to the users of the mobile phone numbers you specified. Checking compatible models (in Japanese only) Disaster Kit Disaster Voice Messaging Service

Wa-Oh! JAPAN For VisitorsNew window

Wa-Oh! JAPAN is a tourist information site where foreigners visiting Japan can find information on Japan's classic tourist destinations, as well as on fashion, anime, and manga.

Online Mobile Phone CatalogNew window

View the online catalog and check DOCOMO's billing plans, convenient services that are useful while you are in Japan, and other information.

docomo Online ShopNew windowin Japanese only

docomo Online Shop is a convenient website that allows you to purchase mobile phones and options and perform procedures online.

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