Disaster Status Confirmation Services

When a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake occurs, the large number of people using mobile phones to, for example, check on the safety of relatives and friends in the affected area can make it difficult to establish a connection with voice communications.
In the event of such a situation, DOCOMO provides services for safety status confirmation using packet communications for which establishing a connection is relatively easy compared with voice communications.

Disaster Message Board Service

Post your safety status information as text so that it can be checked from mobile phones and PCs.
You can also search for safety status information posted to J-anpi provided by NTT Resonant and Google Person Finder provided by Google.

Disaster Voice Messaging Service

Post your safety status information as a voice message and it will be delivered to the users of the mobile phone numbers you specified.

  • Provision of the Disaster Voice Messaging Service will be terminated on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Disaster Kit

This is a smartphone app that allows you to use the Disaster Message Board, Disaster Voice Messaging Service, Area Mail Disaster Information Service, and Disaster and evacuation information anywhere Service.

  • Disaster Message Board Service and Disaster Voice Messaging Service are available only during the service provision period.
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