DOCOMO Participates in Mobile World Congress 2017

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The DOCOMO booth at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2017 presented a wide range of technologies and initiatives, including 5G advanced services expected to launch commercially in 2020 in Japan, as well as demonstrations of innovative services that will integrate the IoT into our daily lives. Specific exhibits included 5G trials using a robot arm, remotely controlled via 5G radio waves transmitted from test equipment. Visitors also learned about DOCOMO's artificial intelligence (AI) solution for forecasting location-specific taxi demand by analyzing population statistics inferred from operation data from its mobile network system. DOCOMO also presented an agricultural solution for improving rice quality, a project to test autonomous buses, a cellular drone for remote deliveries, and its network consulting services for overseas mobile operators.

Dates and Location

Booth image


From February 27 to March 2, 2017


Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain



DOCOMO demonstrated how production machines can be remotely controlled by leveraging 5G and virtual-reality technologies that DOCOMO has been jointly researching and developing with blue-chip ICT vendors worldwide. Visitors were invited to remotely control a robot arm via 5G radio waves transmitted from test equipment. The booth also presented various 5G trials that DOCOMO is conducting with global vendors and joint initiatives that are aimed at creating 5G advanced services.


Visitors learned about DOCOMO initiatives to utilize AI for traffic and agriculture. The booth exhibited a verification test of a system for forecasting taxi needs in specific locations within 30 minutes, using AI to harness big data such as population statistics inferred from operation data from DOCOMO's mobile network system, taxi operations, weather, etc. The booth also presented an agricultural solution for improving rice quality and increasing crop yields by monitoring pest populations in rice paddies and forecasting harvest times based on water-level and field-temperature data collected by ground sensors and drones, supported by high-precision image analysis technology that leverages deep learning.

Autonomous Bus Project

DOCOMO introduced a recently launched project to test autonomous buses at a Japanese university. It also demonstrated a Pedestrian to Everything (P2X) initiative to enhance pedestrian safety with a system that is being developed to notify pedestrians and drivers of each other along roadways.


Visitors learned how drones can be used for purposes such as disaster first-response, agriculture and logistics, as demonstrated with a recent test in which DOCOMO helped to deliver items to seniors and child-rearing households on a remote island using a cellular drone that was guided via a mobile network in a long-distance (beyond visual) flight.

Network Consultancy Services

DOCOMO introduced its network consultancy services for mobile operators worldwide. Based on the extensive technologies and expertise that it has accumulated in Japan, DOCOMO now offers a variety of consulting services to help operators enrich their customer experience. These consulting services include but are not limited to network design, quality improvement and new technology introductions.

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