NTT DoCoMo Unveils 505i Series i-mode compatible Mobile Phones Equipped for Macromedia Flash and Enhanced Java-Based Applications

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TOKYO, JAPAN, April 8, 2003 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. today unveiled specifications of its new 505i mobile phones, a series of six enhanced-PDC (2G) compatible models equipped for advanced i-appli™ applications based on Flash™ and technology. Each 505i model also comes with a camera, infrared port and external memory slot. DoCoMo expects to introduce the models one by one beginning in mid-May.

Macromedia Flash browser for rich content
The 505i series incorporates Macromedia Flash in its browser, allowing users to access a broad range of rich content and applications enhanced with highly fluid animation.

Enhanced i-appli ("i-appli DX")
The 505i series is equipped for "i-appli DX," a new service from DoCoMo, to handle a wider range of Java-enabled content. A 200K Scratch Pad, double the size of Scratch Pads in the former 504i and 504iS models, enables more data to be downloaded at one time, thus reducing required number of connections.

  505i Series Former 504i/504iS Series
JAR (Java Archive) Max. 30K bytes Max. 30K bytes
Scratch Pad Max. 200K bytes Max. 100K bytes

Benefits of "i-appli DX" include:
Highly customize the phone's address book, call log, etc.
Download complex content by accessing multiple servers (current i-appli downloads from a single server only)
Exchange data using i-appli applications, or send information to i-appli sites via
i-mode mail
Automatic updates of "i-area™" (location-based service) content

Enhanced storage capacity
Enhanced storage capacity enables 505i models to store up to 20K of data for browser pages and ringing tones each, meaning, for example longer, better-quality ringing tones.
  505i Series Former models
Web pages Max. 20K bytes Max. 10K bytes
Ringing tones Max. 20K bytes Max. 10K bytes

Extra-friendly i-mode mail
Already adopted for , users can decide in advance which e-mails to download by checking each e-mail's subject line, sender name and receipt date/time.

Extremely high-resolution cameras
Each 505i phone is equipped with a high-resolution camera for taking still pictures. Some models offer resolution of 1 mega to 1.3 mega pixels, similar to that of a digital camera. The 505i series comes with high-quality LCDs for beautiful reproduction of high-resolution pictures taken with these cameras. Cameras in some models can also take video clips. In addition, 505i cameras read JAN- and QR-standard barcodes for easy retrieval of data from printed materials.

Infrared port
Each 505i phone has a port for infrared-communication applications, such as using the phone for a simple remote controller for the basic operation of electronic devices such as TVs and VCRs.

External memory storage
505i phones accept "Memory Stick Duo" and "miniSD" memory cards for data storage and data exchange with other similarly equipped devices (printers, etc.).

For further specifications, please see the attachment.
Attachment (.pdf)

About NTT DoCoMo
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