DoCoMo to Launch Internet Access Modification Service for i-mode Users

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TOKYO, JAPAN, August 21, 2003 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today the start of an "Access Modification" service that will enable users to limit their mobile internet surfing to sites listed on the official i-mode menu known as iMenu, preventing unintentional access to dating service sites.

The new service is designed to provide users, particularly young people, with a safe environment for mobile internet surfing. The number of young subscribers who become involved in crimes as a result of accessing dating service sites and other unsavory sites is on the rise. This is increasingly becoming a social problem. The Access Modification service allows i-mode users to set their mobile phones to access only those sites registered on the iMenu (with some exceptions), which does not include any dating service sites.

The new service is available free of charge to all i-mode users. Applications may be made from August 28 at any DoCoMo Shop or by accessing DoCoMo's e-site at (Japanese only.) Applications may also be made by calling 0120-800-000 for assistance in Japanese or 0120-005-250 for assistance in English. Both numbers are toll-free.

For new i-mode subscribers, the Access Modification service will go into effect from the day of application. For current subscribers, the service will be available the day after application submission. Parents of subscribers under the age of 20 may register their children's handsets for the service. Moreover, parental permission will be necessary if subscribers under 20 wish to cancel the service.

In the line with official requirements, DoCoMo today notified the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs and Posts and Telecommunications of its new service.

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