NTT DoCoMo Group to Conduct 9th "DoCoMo Woods" Campaign


TOKYO, JAPAN, October 16, 2003 --- The NTT DoCoMo group announced today that it would carry out the 9th "DoCoMo Woods" Campaign, an ongoing environmental initiative. DoCoMo started this reforestation project in May 1999 and has continued its efforts in nine different regions during the past five years.

On October 18, some 90 DoCoMo employees will go to Miyagi Prefecture to plant cherry (prunus sargentii) and azalea seedlings, and also attend to cypresses previously planted in the area, which measures 2.82 hectares. This now brings the total reforested area under this continuing project to 52.73 hectares.

DoCoMo launched the DoCoMo Woods Campaign in cooperation with the National Land Forestation Promotion Organization and the Forestry Agency. The organization, which is funded by environmentally concerned companies including DoCoMo, manages projects that provide corporations with opportunities to replenish wooded areas and protect wildlife.

The DoCoMo Woods Campaign, among others, is a salient activity in line with our Environmental Charter established in June 1999. The Charter sets out DoCoMo's fundamental guidelines for dealing with environmental problems and recognizes that the task of preserving the environment is a perpetually ongoing management issue. Our Environmental Charter comprises two components, a Basic Philosophy and Basic Policies.

Basic Philosophy:
To balance our operations with the global environment and create a world that is easier for all to inhabit, DoCoMo commits itself to contributing toward the creation of environment-friendly social systems, both now and in the future.

Basic Policies:

1. To fulfill corporate responsibilities
2. To build social systems fitted to people and nature
3. To support environmental protection and coexistence in harmony with the environment as a global citizen

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