Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. to Launch i-mode Service in Italy


TOKYO, JAPAN, November 19, 2003 --- NTT DoCoMo, Inc. reported that Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. announced the release of DoCoMo's i-mode® service to the Italian market today. Italy marks the eighth market for i-mode service, which is already available in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Belgium, France, and Spain.

Wind is Italy's third largest mobile telecom company, with approximately 10 million subscribers. DoCoMo concluded a licensing agreement in June 2003 to provide Wind with patents, technologies and know-how necessary to launch the i-mode service. DoCoMo has also played a major role in helping Wind to establish close ties with content providers and equipment vendors, which is essential in order to build a strong foundation for the i-mode service.

DoCoMo sees great potential for i-mode growth in Italy, which is a major European market for mobile communications with its population of nearly 58 million people.

For further details regarding Wind's i-mode service, please contact Wind's Media Communications office at +39-06-8311-4600 (Rome) and +39-02-3011-6055 (Milan).

Outline of i-mode service in Italy
1) Operator: Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.
2) Launch date: November 19, 2003
3) Area: Wind's GPRS network in Italy
4) Network: GPRS
5) Handsets: N223i and N341i* (manufactured by NEC), both of which are equipped with a dual browser to view i-mode-compatible HTML and WML1.X content.

* DoJa™ compatible model
6) Service includes:
  1. Approx. 200 sites at the time of launch (mostly in Italian, as well as in English)
  2. 14 major categories, as follows:
    1) News/Weather 2) Sports 3) Astrology
    4) Music/Radio/TV Guides 5) In the City 6) Travel
    7) Entertainment 8) Logos and ringtones 9) Chat/Messages
    10) Shopping 11) Banks/Finance 12) List and search
    13) Fashion and society 14) Eros
  3. i-mode mail availability
  4. MMS transmission compatibility
  5. Integration with "Libero," Italy's biggest portal site, which is operated by Wind. This will enable customers to continue using their conventional e-mail accounts for i-mode service.
7) Charges:
Basic monthly fee: 0 euro
Packet transmission: 0.01 euro per 1 kilobyte
Content subscription: Both free and paid content will be available.
Content charge will be between 0 to 3 euro per month.
(1 euro = approx. 130 yen)

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