DOCOMO and Kogakuin University to Jointly Research Applicability of Mobile Spatial Statistics for Disaster Prevention Planning


TOKYO, JAPAN, November 17, 2010 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it will conduct a joint research project with Kogakuin University to study how DOCOMO’s mobile spatial statistics, or population statistics compiled from the data required for mobile service provision, could be used to support disaster prevention planning. The project will be conducted across Tokyo from November 22, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

DOCOMO will use its mobile spatial statistics to estimate the distribution of people who would have to return home on foot with difficulty if a major earthquake were to occur in Tokyo. Kogakuin University will then analyze the data to forecast post-earthquake conditions and related preparedness issues in each municipality of Tokyo, and suggest countermeasures to help people return home safely. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, an observer in the project, will provide advice as needed.

DOCOMO and Kogakuin University plan to release the results of their research at academic conferences.

DOCOMO, in an effort to enhance the social contributions of its mobile business, is collaborating with public-policy specialists and organizations to find useful applications for mobile spatial statistics in business and elsewhere. The company and the University of Tokyo, for example, are jointly researching the applicability of mobile spatial statistics for enhanced urban planning.

Mobile spatial statistics are aggregate data that include mobile phone locations and user attributes, but individual users are not identified in the use of such statistics.

Diagram: NTT DOCOMO - Kogakuin University Joint Research Project

Diagram: NTT DOCOMO - Kogakuin University Joint Research Project

(Attachment) NTT DOCOMO - Kogakuin University Joint Research Project

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