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TOKYO, JAPAN, January 24, 2011 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it has notified the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that the fees it charges other telecommunications operators to interconnect with its network have been reduced by up to 35.6 percent for voice calls made within the same service area, effective immediately and applied retroactively to all interconnections since the beginning of DOCOMO’s fiscal 2010 (April 1, 2010). The fees have been calculated based on the guideline announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in March 2010.

The revised fees are as follows (please see attachments for details):

Voice calls

Call area New per-second fee
(as of fiscal 2010)
Previous per-second fee
(through fiscal 2009)
Within same service area* 0.087 yen (35.6% reduction) 0.135 yen
Between different service areas** 0.105 yen (32.7% reduction) 0.156 yen

*Point of interface and call-receiver are in same DOCOMO service area.
**Point of interface and call-receiver are not in same DOCOMO service area.

Data communication

Packet connection New per-month fee
(as of fiscal 2010)
Previous per-month fee
(through fiscal 2009)
Without GTP* connection - Layer 3 (10 Mbps)** 8,889,321 yen (29.3% reduction) 12,567,408 yen
With GTP* connection - Layer 2 (10 Mbps)** 7,458,418 yen (20.6% reduction) 9,396,038 yen

*GTP: Data communication protocol used between packet switches
**Additional fee (10% of above fee per 1Mbps) charged if data volume exceeds 10 Mbps.

Attachment 1. Structure of DOCOMO’s Interconnection Fees (Voice calls)

Attachment 2. Structure of DOCOMO’s Interconnection Fees (Packet Communications)

Attachment 3. Changes in DOCOMO’s Mobile Phone Interconnection Fees

Attachment 4. Changes in DOCOMO’s Packet Communication Fees

Attachment 5. International Comparison of Mobile Phone Interconnection Fees

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