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NTT DOCOMO's Mobile Network Down Temporarily due to Typhoon Faxai (10:00 a.m. September 16, 2019)

Sept. 9, 2019

NTT DOCOMO announces herewith that its mobile services are temporarily unavailable, or operating on a limited basis, in certain areas of Japan due to Typhoon Faxai. The company is working urgently to restore normal services as soon as possible and will continue to issue updated reports as the status evolves.

1. Affected Service Area
(Service affected in parts of the area mentioned below)
Tokyo : Oshima Town

Chiba Prefecture: Awa County Kyonan Town,
Isumi County Otaki Town, Kamogawa City, Tateyama City, Kimitsu City, Katori County Tako Town, Katori City, Sanbu City, Ichihara City, Togane City, Minamiboso City, Yachimata City, Futtsu City, Mobara City, Kisarazu City

2. Cause(s) of Service Failure
Interruption of electric power etc.

Service Status Map
The following map shows the status of service in specific areas, as well as the locations of free mobile phone charging stations, DOCOMO shops in operation and mobile base station vehicles.
URL: New window PDF How to read Service Status Map (PDF)

3. "00000JAPAN" (Five Zero Japan) Free Wi-Fi Access Spots
This no-cost, carrier-free emergency Wi-Fi service will be available in Chiba Prefecture at most access spots that are functioning and have electrical power supply. The service was activated at [time] on [day], [date]. It is offered as a public service at DOCOMO and other mobile carrier outlets, transport stations/terminals (rail, bus, etc.), shops (convenience stores, supermarkets, malls, etc.), retail food (restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, fast food, etc.), hotels, office buildings, public facilities and gathering places, post offices, hospitals and more. Look for places bearing Wi-Fi stickers or signs such as the following:

To use the service, open your phone's list of available Wi-Fi networks and select 00000JAPAN.
To find DOCOMO Wi-Fi spots where 00000JAPAN is available, please visit (in Japanese):
 New window

Note: 00000JAPAN is a completely free and open service (does not require a password), so users should beware of malicious sites that may use this name on an unauthorized basis and ask for credit card numbers or other types of personal data.

NTT DOCOMO apologizes to customers for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciates everyone's understanding as the company works to restore service as quickly as possible.

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