New Subscription

Learn about procedures and items you will need to apply for a new subscription with DOCOMO.

  • Contract handling fee


  • In the case of making a new subscription under a personal name, the application must be made by the subscriber. An application cannot be accepted from a representative (except for a member of the subscriber's family).
  • If a family member of the subscriber applies for the subscriber, a letter of attorney, identification document of the family member, and a document verifying that the person applying is a member of the subscriber's family (Family Register [Koseki Tohon], Certificate of Residence [Juminhyo] without Individual Number (social security and tax number) printed on it, etc.) are required in addition to an identification document of the subscriber. When other than a Japanese driver's license or an Individual Number Card (My Number Card) is used as the identification document of the member of the subscriber's family, an additional document is required.

Items Required

  • Documents verifying identity showing the subscriber's name, date of birth, and current address or residence.
    Confirmation of Documents Verifying Identity
  • When the person who is registering as the user is not the subscriber, a document verifying the full name and date of birth of the user (a photocopy is acceptable) must be presented separately. DOCOMO asks subscribers to register user information (full name and date of birth) for minors to ensure safe and secure Internet use.

Requirements for procedures to pay your monthly bill

One of the following:

  1. Credit card
  2. Bank card (bank cards cannot be used in some stores and the bank cards of some financial institutions cannot be used)

If the subscriber does not have any of the above, the subscriber's bankbook plus seal are required.

  • For the financial institutions that will accept application by bank card for automatic payment, see Application by Bank Card for Automatic Payment. A bank card without a magnetic stripe cannot be used.
  • For an application by bank card for automatic payment or an application for payment by credit card, the card holder must come to a docomo Shop and enter the PIN (bank card only).
  • If any of the following will apply, a document must be presented to prove that the person is a member of the subscriber's family.
    • When payment will be made by credit card or automatic payment under the name of a member of the subscriber's family.
    • When the charges of the lines subscribed to by the subscriber's family members will be billed together with the charges of the representative line.
  • Minors who are unable to present a bank card or similar in their name must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian and the bank card or similar of the legal parent or guardian must be presented.
  • If you apply using an application form for automatic payment by bank transfer, one or two bills may be sent before the setup procedure is completed with your financial institution. In this case, please pay the bill at a convenience store that handles NTT FINANCE charges payment, financial institution, or DOCOMO service counter.
  • Please check Application Procedure of Hearty Discount for details on the documents required for the Hearty Discount application procedure.
  • In the case of a rental mobile phone company, DOCOMO will confirm the method for verifying identity when renting to customers in order to ensure compliance with the Act for Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Phones. Furthermore, a written pledge must be presented. Please inquire in advance about the written pledge because a company seal must be affixed.


  • Contract handling fee: ¥3,000*1
    1. The contract handling fee will be billed with your usage charges the following month.
  • Payment for handset and accessories, etc.
  • A deposit (max. ¥100,000/contract [non-taxable], interest-free, of an amount determined separately by DOCOMO) may be required at the time of subscription for persons indicated below. DOCOMO installment payment is not available for the purchase of mobile phones under subscriptions that require deposits.
    • Persons applying for multiple subscriptions (of more than the number of contracted lines determined by DOCOMO) within a certain period
    • Persons with payments outstanding to other mobile phone, PHS, satellite mobile phone carriers, etc.

New Applications for Mobile Number Portability

  • To use Mobile Number Portability (MNP) when starting a new subscription with NTT DOCOMO, you first need to acquire from your current carrier an MNP reservation number.
  • Generally, the subscriber for the new NTT DOCOMO subscription must be the same as the subscriber for the current carrier subscription when using MNP. When applying for a new subscription with NTT DOCOMO, your identity will be verified with your current carrier.
  • Your subscription with your current carrier is cancelled following application for MNP.
  • If any information on the MNP application is falsified, you may be required to forfeit your current telephone number.
  • Information related to use of MNP may be verified and disclosed between your current carrier and NTT DOCOMO.
  • New NTT DOCOMO subscribers using a phone number issued by another carrier*2 through MNP will not be able to use services which include the following:
    1. Receiving calls from public phones on trains
    1. A phone number issued by another carrier refers to a phone number that was assigned to a carrier other than NTT DOCOMO by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Procedures for new application with Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

View an explanation on information such as procedures for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for those who wish to switch to DOCOMO right away using MNP.


Procedures can be carried out at docomo Shops carrying iPad.

docomo Shops

Business hours differ by shop. See the pages of individual shops for details.

Notes on procedures

  • Holders of the following credit cards can use their cards to pay monthly DOCOMO bills and charges required at time of subscription:
    • d CARD
    • JCB Co., Ltd. (JCB Card)
    • Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited (Sumitomo Mitsui VISA)
    • UC Card Co., Ltd. (UC Card)
    • DC Card (DC)
    • Japan Diners Club
    • Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd (UFJ Card)
    • JACCS CO., LTD. (JACCS Card)
    • Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd (NICOS Card)
    • American Express International, Inc. (American Express Card)
    • Orient Corporation (Orico Card)
    • APLUS Co., Ltd. (APLUS Card)
    • OMC Card, Inc. (OMC Card)
    • Rakuten KC Co.,Ltd. (Rakuten KC Card)
    • Central Finance Co., Ltd. (CF Card)
    • Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Saison Card)
    • AEON Credit Service Co., Ltd. (AEON Card)

    In addition to the 21 cards listed above, you can also use other MasterCard, Visa, and JCB affiliated credit cards. Also, please note that some retailers do not accept some of the cards listed above.

  • Subscription confirmation notices marked confidential (cannot be forwarded) will be sent to new subscribers. If subscription confirmation documents are returned to us, you may be required to bring original identification documents that include your name and address to a docomo Shop so that DOCOMO can verify that you are the subscriber. If we are unable to verify your identity, your service may be suspended.
    • Confirmation documents may be sent by registered mail (cannot be forwarded) in some cases depending on the type of original identification documents.
  • DOCOMO will post subscription confirmation documents including the mobile phone number, the subscriber's name and address, and other information marked confidential to the legal parents or guardians of new subscribers under 20 years old to verify their consent, if they have provided consent. DOCOMO may also contact legal parents or guardians for confirmation.
  • If any details (such as subscriber's name, address, contact information, or unpaid balances) provided in subscription application or otherwise stated are falsified or if the details provided are incomplete resulting in undeliverable subscription confirmation documents or other such postal mail, then service related to the contract in question may be suspended and such contract may be cancelled.
  • If the service contract is cancelled due to overdue charges, other carriers will be notified in accordance with provisions stipulated in the terms of contract.
  • When signing up for new mobile phone service, you can choose the last four digits of your phone number with our Phone Number Selection Service (in Japanese only).
  • If you select to purchase a mobile phone in installments, you will need to apply for a separate DOCOMO installment payment contract (individual credit purchase brokerage contract or installment sale contract). The various terms and conditions can be found in the DOCOMO installment payment contract (individual credit purchase brokerage contract or installment sale contract).

    About Purchasing in Installments

Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Phones Initiative

  • In accordance with the Act for Prevention of Improper Use of Mobile Phones (effective as of April 1, 2006), DOCOMO is required to confirm the subscriber's identity with original identification documents as specified by DOCOMO and make a record of that confirmation. Even subscribers who already have a subscription with DOCOMO are required to confirm their identity with original identification documents. You are not permitted to transfer ownership of the docomo UIM Card (FOMA Card) used for the subscription to another party without notifying DOCOMO.
  • In order to prevent mobile phone subscriptions that have been illicitly obtained with forged documents verifying identity from being used in bank transfer scams and other crimes, DOCOMO may determine that it is necessary to confirm the validity of the documents verifying identity (such as a Japanese driver's license) presented by the subscriber at the time of subscription. In such case, we may provide the issuing authority (police agencies, etc.) with the information of that document (Japanese driver's license, etc.) to confirm its validity. We ask for your understanding in our efforts to prevent bank transfer scams and other crime.
  • In order to prevent large numbers of improper subscriptions under the same name, individuals are generally limited to a maximum of five line subscriptions, including currently active subscription lines, subscription lines for which the phone numbers are stored, and inactive subscription lines, under the same personal name for each line type determined by DOCOMO.

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