PREMIUM 4G Maximum data rate of 1388 Mbps *1for receiving Maximum data rate of 131.3 Mbps*2 for sending notice1 notice2
Maximum data rate of 1388 Mbps *1 for receiving Maximum data rate of 131.3 Mbps*2 for sending
  1. The maximum data rate of 1388 Mbps for receiving is available for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and only available in some areas. For details, please see Service Area. Transmission speeds are theoretical maximums and do not indicate actual rates. Services provided on a best-effort basis. Speeds may vary depending on network traffic or transmission environments.
  2. In the case of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The effective speeds for receiving are 154 to 298 Mbps, and for sending are 21 to 38 Mbps.

  • Effective speeds refer to the speeds within the range determined by the half of all receiving speeds measured in 10 cities in Japan from October to December 2019 based on the "Guidelines for the Effective Speed... (abbreviated name)" * drawn up by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that is nearest to the median value.
    • Guidelines for the Effective Speed Measurement Method of Internet Connection Services Provided by Mobile Telecommunications Carriers and Information Providing Method, etc. for Users
  • These are the results of measurement using an iOS compatible model.
  • These measurement results are for 10 cities in Japan, so the effective speeds may differ depending on your location, timing, and communications environment of use.
  • For the specific numerical values, etc., see Effective Speed Measurement Results (in Japanese only).
  • The data rate is the maximum value of the technical specification and does not represent the actual data rate.
  • Communications are provided on a best-effort basis and actual data rates may differ depending on the communications environment and network congestion.



The voice call service implemented with DOCOMO's robust LTE network*3

  1. Not compatible with Video Call.

Service Area

Service Area Search

Image of DOCOMO's service area

Information on the nationwide service area for iPhone.


Image of Subway

Check the subway stations and sections between stations where you can use your iPhone.


Image of Wi-Fi

Search for DOCOMO's Wi-Fi SPOT information.

International Service

Image of International Service

Your iPhone can be used overseas. You can search for the service areas and communications fees that apply when using your iPhone overseas (international roaming) or when making a call from Japan to any of about 220 countries and regions.*4

  1. Information on the international service areas will be updated over time.


Image of Tethering

Access the Internet from an external device (PC or game console, etc.) even when you are on the go.
There are no additional charges for the service.

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  • Packet flat-rate services do not apply to packet communications with international roaming, etc.
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