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iPhone Billing Simulation

Check out an image of monthly payments after applying the iPhone model purchase price, monthly usage charge, various discounts, docomo Hikari, etc.

iPhone Billing Simulation Simulation of monthly payment amount

(in Japanese only)

In the case of purchasing iPhone 7

(incl. tax)

In the case of purchasing iPhone 7
  32GB 128GB 256GB
Installment payment (24 installments)
(Cash sale price/total payment amount)
Monthly Support*1 (24 months)
(Total discount amount)
Trade-in Program*2
(When trade in iPhone 6s)
-¥27,000 -¥27,000 -¥27,000
Family Introduction Program -¥5,184 -¥5,184 -¥5,184
Amount paid after discounts (for 24 months)
(Total amount)
¥0 ¥252/month
Switch from another carrier/newly subscribe
(Total amount)
¥0 ¥279/month

New windowModel purchase prices for iPhone series (docomo Online Shop) (in Japanese only)

  1. When you switch from another carrier or newly subscribe, the discount amount of Monthly Support will increase to -¥459/month (-¥11,016).
  2. The amount is for trading in an iPhone 6s (equivalent to ¥27,000) by post when purchasing an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
  • The above amount is the total amount of d POINTs presented after trade in by post (iPhone 6s : 25,800 points) and the limited time discount (¥1,200 [incl. tax]) for customers of the trade-in application limited to docomo Online Shop.
  • The above amount is the price when purchased from docomo Online Shop. It may differ from the selling price at a docomo shop or a docomo retail store.
  • "Amount paid after discounts" is the cost after deduction of the total amount of monthly installment payments, the maximum discount amount (Monthly Support) for communications charges, and the discount amounts for Trade-in Program and Family Introduction Program (amount after discounts when used for 24 months).
  • For installment payments, the annual interest rate in real terms is 0% and the payment period is selectable from either 26 months (24 payments) and 14 months (12 payments). Screening is conducted at the time of application for payment in installments.
  • Conditions must be met to use each discount service. Please check the page for each discount service for details.
  • The conditions and period of the campaign are subject to change without notice.
  • For some models, an order may need to be placed. Also please note that there is a limit to available stock.

Image of monthly payment amount (excludes the model purchase price)

[Model case] The following shows the charges per person in the case of a four-member family
Father : DOCOMO user for at least 15 years (representative line), i-mode mobile phone → smartphone, and docomo Hikari subscription
Mother : i-mode mobile phone → smartphone
Son : Already has smartphone
Daughter : New smartphone subscription

(excl. tax)

Charge per person for four-member family with docomo Hikari subscription
  Father Mother Son (no older than 25) Daughter (no older than 25)
Simple plan basic charge ¥980 ¥980 ¥980 ¥980
sp-mode charge ¥300 ¥300 ¥300 ¥300
Ultra Share pack 30 (in Japanese only)
docomo Hikari for Detached House
¥11,500 ¥500 ¥500 ¥500
Zutto DOCOMO Discount (15 years or more) (in Japanese only) -¥1,200
Charges per person ¥11,580 ¥1,780 ¥1,780 ¥1,780
Payment total ¥16,920 (= ¥4,230 per person)
Total data volume 32GB*3 (8GB per person)
  1. Includes the 2 GB applicable portion of the 1 GB/month bonus packets of U25 Ouen Discount.
  • Please note that the above amounts are reference values and that charges differ depending on your subscription details and usage conditions.
  • The model purchase price, optional service usage charges, universal usage charges, and other charges will be incurred separately.

docomo Family Introduction Campaign

docomo Family Introduction Campaign Present of 10,000 dPOINTs (limited period and use)in Japanese only

When you introduce family members switched from another carrier to DOCOMO within the campaign period, you will get a present of 10,000 d POINTs (limited period and use) for each person you introduced.

docomo Family Introduction Campaign (in Japanese only)

Purchase from docomo Online Shop

Image of Purchase/Reserve from docomo Online Shop

(in Japanese only)

  • The securing of this product is according to the reservation order while we accept the designation of the delivery date with a turn of the purchase procedure completion.
  • The orders through the Online Shop made by minors can not be accepted. Please note that even orders are made, we can not take the orders.

Reserve online and purchase at docomo Shop or retailer

Image of Reserve online and purchase at docomo Shop or retailer

(in Japanese only)

Basic Plans

  • Basic plans are provided under the condition that you continue using the same line for a period of two years and will be renewed automatically unless a change of billing plans or a change or cancellation of the subscription is requested. When the line is cancelled or the billing plan is changed to another non-fixed period subscription type billing plan during the subscription period, a cancellation charge of ¥9,500 will be incurred.
  • The basic plan does not allow free minutes (communications allowance).
  • If you want to use the Internet service, you need to subscribe to an Internet connection service such as sp-mode (¥300).
  • With a basic plan, you can subscribe to the following Packet Packs.
    Data S pack (small volume), Data M pack (standard), Ultra Data L pack, Ultra Data LL pack, Share pack 5 (small volume), Share pack 10 (small volume), Share pack 15 (standard), Ultra Share pack 30, Ultra Share pack 50, Ultra Share pack 100, Business share pack 5-3000, Ultra Business Share pack 30, Ultra Business Share pack 50, Ultra Business Share pack 100 (including the sub line in the case of Share pack.)

Zutto DOCOMO Discount

  • Zutto DOCOMO Discount is a discount service for long-term users in which a discount is automatically applied depending on the length of use of the representative line of the share group.
  • For Share pack, the discount is automatically applied depending on the length of use of the representative line of the share group. The determination method differs from the stages of d POINT CLUB.
  • The first month of the length of use is calculated as the period from the day of application to the end of the following month (when the day of application is the first day of the month, the first month refers to that month), and the predetermined amount is deducted in the month following the end of each year of use. If use is suspended, that period is not counted when determining the number of years of use.
  • The period to the 12th month (1 year 0 month) is the first year and the period from the 13th month (1 year 1 month) is after the first year (second year).
  • The discount is applicable to subscribers of Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets), Kake-hodai Plan (for feature phones), Kake-hodai Light Plan, Data Plan (for smartphones and tablets), and Data Plan (for routers).

U25 Ouen Discount

  • The basic monthly charge for the basic plan is discounted until the month when the subscriber who was registered at the time of application reaches the age of 26.
  • This requires a subscription to Kake-hodai Plan and Packet Pack or Share option, which require a two-year commitment of continuous usage.
  • One user can apply for the discount per line. A subscriber who is registered as an eligible person or user for Student Discount or Kids Discount cannot be registered as a user for this discount.
  • If the conditions for applying for the discount are not met any longer or if the discount period has expired, the normal charges and normal volume of data that can be used will be automatically applied from the following month.
  • If the line for which U25 Ouen Discount is provided belongs to the share group of the Packet Pack, the increased volume of data will also be shared.
  • For the details on the provision conditions of the basic plan and Packet Pack of Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru, check Provision Conditions (in Japanese only).

Family Introduction Program

  • The application of this discount is limited to once per line.
  • This discount is applicable to both Zutto DOCOMO Discount Course and Free Course.
  • This discount is not applicable in any of the following cases
    • When the multiple devices are purchased for the same line
    • When any of the devices is purchased for a line for which the procedure to purchase a model was carried out within the last six months
  • If you are subscribed to other than Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets), Kake-hodai Light Plan (for smartphones and tablets), or Data Plan (for smartphones and tablets) when the 1st of the month after the next month passes counting the month of purchase of each of the second and subsequent applicable devices as the initial month, this discount will not be applicable to refund with the bill.
  • If the store's selling price is lower than the discount amount, the discount/refund amount will be limited to the store's selling price.
  • The data volume shared with 2daime-Plus is not applicable to this discount.
  • When the discount bonus is received, the other members of the same Family Discount group will be notified of the purchase.

  • Apple, the Apple Logo, iPad, iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The iPhone trademark is used under license from AiPhone Co., Ltd. App Store, AppleCare, iCloud are service marks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. TM and © 2017 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
  • Please note that for the actual bill the amount of the tax is calculated from the total of individual items excluding tax so the billing amount may differ from the total of individual items including tax.
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