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It's crack-resistant*1 and made in Japan. It's a reliable model for first-time smartphone users.

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Features of arrows Be4 F-41A

Great cost performance with basic functions. A reliable model made in Japan.

Image picture: Great cost performance with basic functions. A reliable model made in Japan.

This model is painstakingly made in Japan. It's designed, developed, and assembled in domestic factories, from which support is also offered. It has excellent basic features, such as fingerprint authentication, a strap hole, and Osaifu-Keitai. The nuisance call countermeasure function and a health management support function are also available.

It's crack-resistant*1 and washable*2.

Image picture: It's crack-resistant and washable.

The screen does not crack easily*1 even when dropped. It's washable*2 with foaming hand soap so you can always use a clean device. Waterproofing/dustproofing also allows you to use it without worry even under severe conditions. (In accordance with MIL standard 23 items*3)

With Simple mode, operation is easy even for first-time smartphone users.

Image picture: With Simple mode, operation is easy even for first-time smartphone users.

Simple mode enlarges the font and icons for easy operation.
It enables one-touch dialing, which allows you to call frequently used numbers with ease, with a telephone and phone book layout that are designed for easy viewing and phone number registration.

It's compact and easy to operate with one hand.

Image picture: It's compact and easy to operate with one hand.

The compact size enables easy one-handed operation, and with a weight of about 144 g, the device is light and causes less strain on the hand. You can enlarge text with ease just by holding your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the back.

You can select your desired text input method.

Image picture: You can select your desired text input method.

In addition to the standard smartphone text input method (flick input), Handwritten input, which is useful when you do not know how to read Kanji characters, and voice input are supported. An input method that features a keypad resembling that of a feature phone is also available, so you can choose the best method for you.
Super ATOK ULTIAS, which is great for predictive conversion for Japanese, is used for the text conversion engine.

An easy-to-use camera that allows you to shoot clear photos.

Image picture: An easy-to-use camera that allows you to shoot clear photos.

The camera automatically focuses on a subject when it is aimed, so you can shoot a photo without blur just by pressing the shutter button.
Portrait mode also produces quality photos with blurred backgrounds as if they were taken with a single-lens reflex camera.

Payment is cashless and easy.

Image picture: Payment is cashless and easy.

A setting that allows you to link a specific fingerprint to a frequently used app in advance allows you to unlock the screen and launch the app just by touching the fingerprint sensor.
For example, this feature can be used to run a cashless payment app quickly, allowing a smooth payment process at store cash registers.
This is the best smartphone for users who are considering using cashless payment methods.

Junior mode is designed for children.

Image picture: Junior mode is designed for children.

This model comes with various parental control settings that allow you to restrict the use of inappropriate apps, set specific hours to keep your child from using their device while they are in class or cram school, and limit their daily usage time, so you can feel at ease about letting your child have a smartphone.

FM radio can be used even in the event of a disaster.

Image picture: FM radio can be used even in the event of a disaster.

The hybrid radio provides Internet radio, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere, as well as FM radio, which can be used even without Internet, such as in the event of a disaster. It also supports wide FM, which allows you to listen to AM radio programs on FM frequencies.

  • The radiko+FM app is required to listen to FM broadcasting.
  • An earphone cable (sold separately) is required to use FM radio.
  • A communications fee is charged for listening to Internet radio.

Specifications and Services/Functions



Approx. 5.6 inches
Full HD+/Organic EL

Battery capacity

2780 mAh *4
(Internal Battery)

Camera effective pixels

Rear camera
Approx. 13.1 megapixels

Front camera
Approx. 8.1 megapixels

Internal memory

RAM 3 GB/ROM 32 GB *5

Data rates

4G (LTE) 150 Mbps for receiving *6

4G (LTE) 50 Mbps for sending *6


Approx. 147 x 70 x 8.9 mm *7


Approx. 144 g

SIM card


Main services/functions

Waterproof/dustproof IPX5/8 IP6X*8
"Osaifu-Keitai" NFC (equipped with FeliCa) (in Japanese only)
Not compatible with One-Seg/Full-Seg
Biometric authentication Fingerprint (in Japanese only)
Not compatible with Wireless charging

 Compatible Not compatible

  1. This is the standard value of the technical specification.
  2. Not all of the capacity is available for use.
  3. Only available in some areas. The data rate is the maximum value of the technical specification when sending and receiving and does not represent the actual data rate. Communications are provided on a best-effort basis and actual data rates may differ depending on the communications environment and network congestion. Please see Search Service Area for details on the compatible service areas.
  4. The size depends on the standards of the manufacturer. These measurements may not be true for the thickest part of the device.
  5. IPX5/8 waterproof performance. Please make sure that the rear cover is firmly closed before use. It is recommended to replace parts once every two years, regardless of whether or not there is an abnormality, to ensure the waterproof performance is maintained (charges will apply).
    IPX5 means that the mobile phone has the function as a communications device after 12.5 liter of water per minute is sprayed at the phone from all directions at a distance of approximately 3 m for at least three minutes using a water spray nozzle with an internal diameter of 6.3 mm.
    IPX8 means that the mobile phone has the function as a communications device after it is submerged under tap water at room temperature at a depth of 1.5 m, then left for approximately 30 minutes, and then taken out of the water.
    IP6X dustproof performance. IP6X refers to a protection level and means that the phone has the function to prevent dust particles from entering the inside of the phone after it is placed in equipment with an atmosphere containing dust particles with a diameter of 75 µm or less and agitated for eight hours and then taken out of the equipment.
  6. High-resolution headset and speakers (sold separately) are required.
  1. The device passed a drop test on concrete from 26 directions from a height of 1.5 m. (Information up to date as of February 2020. Research was conducted by FCNT.) Please note that this test result is not a guarantee regarding malfunction or damage to the device.
  2. The device can be washed with either a foam-type hand soap or liquid-type dish detergent for household use made by domestic makers (according to the results of experiments conducted using FCNT experimentation methods). Please note that this test result is not a guarantee regarding malfunction to the device. Rinse the soap off thoroughly using tap water. Do not charge the device when it is wet. For details, refer to New windowthe FCNT website (in Japanese only).
  3. The test includes the following 23 items in the procurement standard (MIL-STD-810G) established by the US Department of Defense: Drop, shock resistance, waterproof (immersion), dustproof (wind applied for 6 hours), dustproof (90 minutes on vulnerable face), saltwater durability, moisture proof, resistance to solar radiation (continuous), resistance to solar radiation (humidity change), vibration resistance, waterproof (wind and rain), raindrops, thermal shock, high temperature operation (fixed at 60°C), high temperature operation (varying between 32 and 49°C), high temperature storage (fixed at 70°C), high temperature storage (varying between 30 and 60°C), low temperature operation (fixed at -20°C), low temperature storage (fixed at -30°C), low pressure operation, low pressure storage, freezing (-10°C condensation), and freezing (-10°C freeze). Battery chargeable temperature range: 5 to 35°C. Usage environment: Temperature of 5 to 35°C, humidity of 45 to 85%. The bath temperature must be between 5 and 45°C and its humidity between 45 and 99%. (For a temperature of 36°C or above or a humidly of 86% or above, only momentary use is possible.) Please note that this test result does not guarantee the continuous operation of all functions. If our inspection finds that the malfunction was caused by improper handling by the customer, it will not be covered by the warranty.
  • The price is open. For more information, please contact a docomo Shop or other retailer.
  • Please check availability with a docomo Shop or other retailer beforehand.
  • Product and screen images are for illustrative purposes only, and may slightly differ from the actual products.
  • The battery cannot be removed. The smartphone needs to be sent to the repair counter for battery replacement.
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