2in1 is a service that adds another phone number and mail address to a mobile phone.
This proposal for a new style of mobile phone usage lets you switch your number and address by mode depending on whether you are communicating with family, friends, or people from work and on the situation.

Two FOMA subscriptions are required to use 2in1. The FOMA subscription for the A number is called the A number subscription and the FOMA subscription for the B number is called the B number subscription.

Application : Required
Basic Monthly Charge
From ¥800
Contract Handling Fee

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Have two phone numbers with one phone

This allows you to securely use one of them as, for example, the phone number for rental shop membership registration and Internet shopping.


Have two mail addresses with one phone

This is convenient because you can differentiate mail by, for example, using one of the mail addresses for mail magazine subscriptions and the other for mail from friends.


Enhanced security

A PIN must be entered to change modes, so you don't have to worry about security.

  • notice1  If you selected the Type 2in1 Same Name Option for the billing plan, contract handling fees do not apply.
    However, if you apply for a B number subscription for the same A number subscription two or more times within the same month, contract handling fees may apply.
  • noticeOriginals of documents verifying your identity are required when you apply for 2in1 to confirm your name, date of birth, and current address (location of current residence).
  • noticeIt is only possible to apply for 2in1 with different names for the A number subscription and B number subscription when the names are a 'personal name and corporate name' or a 'corporate name and corporate name' (a letter of consent [in Japanese only] from the A number subscriber is required).
  • noticeSome functions may not be available depending on the model.

Compatible Handsets

Please check the Mobile Phone User's Guide for details on and how to use this service.

2in1 (PDF format: 693KB)

noticeContents as of March 2014.

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Full Details

View details on the 2in1 service.

noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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