i-mode mail is an e-mail service that enables you to send data such as text, still images, and video clips to DOCOMO handsets, non-DOCOMO handsets, or PCs. With this service, you can exchange mail with anybody who has an Internet e-mail address.

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Exchange mail even with non-DOCOMO handsets and PCs

Exchange mail with anybody who has an Internet e-mail address.


Even send photos and video clips

Send via mail data such as photos and video clips taken with a camera-equipped handset.


A full line of countermeasures thwarts spam e-mail

Numerous countermeasures are available to thwart spam e-mail so you can exchange mail worry-free.

noticeSome functions may not be available depending on the model.

Detailed Information

Send decorated mail

Image of sending decorated mail

Spruce up your mail with different background and font colors, moving text, photos, and animations with cute movements.

Send and Receive i-mode mail via Your PC

Image of sending and receiving i-mode mail from a PC

Have your usual i-mode mail also sent to your PC where you can also reply to and forward that mail. Easily create long messages and Deco-mail with your PC.

Full Details

View details on the i-mode mail service.

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