This is a service that enables you to send and receive text messages of up to 70 full-size characters (up to 160 characters when text input in the SMS settings is configured to English input mode) to DOCOMO FOMA/Xi phone numbers or non-DOCOMO mobile phone numbers. The destination is designated by the phone number so even when you don't know the other person's mail address, you can send a message.

noticeSMS messages from iPhone that include pictograms may not be displayed correctly if sent or received by non-DOCOMO carriers.

Application : Not Required
Monthly Charge : Free


Simply use the phone number as the address

The address is the phone number of the DOCOMO FOMA/Xi phone or non-DOCOMO mobile phone.


Use Delivery Notice to make sure your messages were delivered

You can receive a notification to confirm your messages were delivered to the other party's FOMA/Xi handset.

  • noticeDelivery Notice needs to be set in advance. Please see the user's manual of your FOMA/Xi handset for how to set Delivery Notice.
  • noticeDelivery Notice may not respond properly when a message is sent to a model not compatible with Delivery Notice or sent to a non-DOCOMO mobile phone number.

Usage and Setting Procedures

Please check the PDF for details on and how to use this service.

Short Message Service (SMS) (PDF format:187KB)

noticeContents as of Jan 2014.

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Full Details

View details on the Short Message Service (SMS).

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