Delivery of a Replacement Phone

Protection Against All Kinds of Emergencies Including Damage by Water, Loss, and Damage Beyond Repair

Kinds of trouble

Water exposure, damage beyond repair, loss, theft, breakage, and malfunction

  • This service is not applicable to some kinds of trouble (minor damage such as scratches, dirt, and paint peeling off, trouble resulting from disasters, intentional damage, phone modifications. For details, please see the New windowTerms of Use (in Japanese only) for Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service.

Flow for Using the Service

A replacement phone will be delivered to you whether it is your home or office.

Image of Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service notice01 notice02 Apply via My docomo
Image of Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service
  1. Only from a DOCOMO mobile phone or docomo Smartphone.
  2. The toll-free number may not be accessible from some IP phones.
  • Delivery of a replacement phone within one or two days may not be possible for some areas or the application timing.
  • Please apply for compensation within 30 days of the trouble occurring. In case of theft or loss, please apply after suspending service and notifying the police. (DOCOMO may confirm information such as the notification receipt number issued by the police, person who accepted the notification, name of the police station where the notification was accepted, and the date and time.)
  • If you would like to transfer data from your old phone, please do so yourself before sending it.

Number of Times Used (Compensated)

You can use the service up to twice a year. The service can be used once more during the one year period from the day an application was made to use the service.

Image of Number of Times Used (Compensated)
  • The number of compensation times is not reset even if you cancel the service and then subscribe again.
  • The initial date of use and the number of compensation times are not reset even if you change the phone applicable for protection.

Replacement Phone

Replacement Phone
Item Refurbished products Refurbished products (B Products)
Refurbished products are handsets collected from customers that have been repaired, had their covers replaced, and undergone quality checks, and then reset to the same state as a new product. These are recovered phones that have been collected from customers. Based on docomo standards, the phones have been cleaned, the data removed, and the software initialized without changing the outer cover.
  • Some devices may have visible blemishes due to use that do not affect the function of the device.
Exterior Exchange Don’t exchange
Initialization Implement Don’t implement
Your fees From ¥5,000 to ¥11,000 * ¥4,000
Applicable devices docomo Feature Phone/AndroidTM/iPhone/iPad AndroidTM H Series and later
  • Your fees may vary depending on your type of Mobile Device Protection Service and applicable models. For more details, checkNew windowTerm of Use (in Japanese only).

Refurbished products (B Products)

<Phone images>

  • The actual color, shape, etc. of the phone may differ.
Phone images
Phone images
Phone images
  • Refurbished products (B Products) are limited in quantity. You may be unable to select this option if we have run out of stock.
  • You will be guided when you apply for Mobile Device Protection Service about our Refurbished Products (B Products) on docomo Online or, Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service Center, where stock information can be verified.
  • Due to the nature of Refurbished Products (B Products), we cannot replace phones or cancel your protection service due to blemishes on replacement phones.
  • Another Refurbished Product (B Product) will be sent when resending a phone to replace a malfunctioning replacement phone.
  • The other content of the protection service*3 will be the same as a refurbished product.
  1. Check the service conditions in theNew windowTerms of Use (in Japanese only).

Notes on Delivery of Replacement Phone

  • Please note that use of the phone may be restricted by methods such as network use restrictions in cases that fall under the term of service such as application for compensation due to loss or theft. Furthermore, DOCOMO shall bear no responsibility for damages etc. incurred by the subscriber or third parties from such restriction of use.
  • The old handset you send to DOCOMO will usually be refurbished and used as a replacement handset with the service.
  • If you are not able to send your old handset to DOCOMO, you will be required to pay a penalty for breach of contract. If your old handset was lost or stolen, please send your handset to the location designated by DOCOMO should it be found.
  • Please delete all data stored on your old handset that can be deleted before sending it to DOCOMO. (Data includes Phonebook, sent and received mail, photos, and other personal data, data related to e-money and points in the IC card [if you use "Osaifu-Keitai" compatible services], data for individual services, and other data.)

<Automatic d ACCOUNT setting (only for Android compatible handsets sold in or after May 2018)>

  • The d ACCOUNT linked to the applied line subscription is automatically set to the replacement phone for the first 14 days from the protection service start date.
  • If the replacement phone is lost before the automatic setting, use Omakase Lock or stop using the phone immediately.
  • If you transfer the replacement phone to any third party, be sure to initialize the phone after the automatic d ACCOUNT setting as the assignee may be able to see your information.

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  • Unless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.
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