While downtown or in a convenience store Use your mobile phone for shopping and taking part in auctions. Your mobile phone makes everyday life even more convenient.


"Osaifu-Keitai" logo

We put all the "functions" of your wallet - cash, credit cards, and more - into a mobile phone for easy portability.

"Osaifu-Keitai" (in Japanese only)


Kazashite-Link logo

Simply putting mobile phones together or holding your mobile phone near home electrical appliances, smart posters, and other devices enables information exchange, information acquisition, and information configuration.

Kazashite-Link (in Japanese only)


d CARD logo

d CARD, which is compatible with iD, is a DOCOMO-unique credit service that enables you to accumulate plenty of docomo Points.

iD credit payment service

iD logo

With this service, you can make payments at shops displaying the iD logo simply by waving your phone over the reader/writer.

iD credit payment service (in Japanese only)

docomo kouza (Account)

Image of docomo kouza

Safe & easy service for making remittances and for shopping through your mobile phone.

docomo Mobile Payment/d Mobile Payment Plus

Image of docomo Mobile Payment

This service allows you to pay the purchase charges for online shopping together with your mobile phone charges. With supported sites, you can also earn and use d POINTs.

docomo Mobile Payment (in Japanese only)

docomo Money Transfer

docomo Money Transfer logo

This service allows you to send remittances from your DOCOMO mobile phone to bank accounts or counters of affiliated beneficiary financial institutions in 41 countries and regions around the world, including the Philippines, U.S., Brazil, and Peru, for a fee of just ¥1,000 per transfer.


d POINT CLUB is a point program with no sign-up or annual fees that anybody can become a member of under a personal name. Even customers without a DOCOMO line can apply.


ToruCa logo

Restaurant cards and coupons that you would normally keep in your wallet can be imported into your mobile phone and then used.

ToruCa (in Japanese only)


Shoplat logo

This money-saving app helps you find information on bargains and discounts and lets you earn stars (points) that can be exchanged for coupons and G-Points.

Shoplat (in Japanese only)

Hanashite Hon'yaku

Hanashite Hon'yaku icon

Use your mobile phone to translate your message into the language of the other party.
This service allows you to have a smooth conversation with somebody who speaks a different language as if an interpreter was actually there with you by simply speaking as usual.

Hanashite Hon'yaku (in Japanese only)

Utsushite Hon'yaku

Utsushite Hon'yaku icon

This service allows you to use your mobile phone to instantly translate text in a foreign language you cannot read in restaurants, tourist spots, and other locations when you are traveling overseas by simply capturing the text with your camera.

Utsushite Hon'yaku (in Japanese only)


Mail-Hon'yaku-Concier logo

Translate a message entered on a smartphone between Japanese and English, Korean, or Chinese. This service allows you to easily send and receive messages in a foreign language.

Mail-Hon'yaku-Concier (in Japanese only)

Karada no Tokei WM

Karada no Tokei WM logo

Receive 24-hour professional support for your health to build the ideal body by regulating the timing of your meals, exercise, and sleep.

Karada no Kimochi

Karada no Kimochi logo

This service delivers you the combined advice of changes in the body and mind by the menstrual cycle. It recommends to visit doctor if there is a modulation to the body and you will receive an inquiry gold.

Karada no Kimochi baby

Karada no Kimochi baby logo

This service delivers you the useful information and the advice during pregnancy.
It will support you to spend your pregnant life comfortably.

i Bodymo

i Bodymo screen image

i Bodymo is a DOCOMO health service that provides encouragement to enable you to keep up your normal efforts with regards to things like walking and eating while enjoying yourself in a lighthearted manner.

i Bodymo (in Japanese only)

Runtastic for docomo

Runtastic for docomo logo

This service links with Runtastic to make sports even more fantastic. It can measure your heart rate by linking with a wearable device that uses hitoe wearable sensing fabric to allow you to achieve higher levels of training.

Runtastic for docomo (in Japanese only)

Pregnancy Organizer

Pregnancy Organizer logo

This service delivers advice from hospitals and information you will wish to know about during your pregnancy based on the number of weeks of your pregnancy to your smartphone.

Provider: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.

docomo Insurance logo

These reasonably priced special insurance services can be subscribed to easily from your mobile phone.

docomo cycle insurance

docomo cycle insurance logo

This insurance provides protection against liability arising from a cycling accident, etc. for d POINT CLUB members.

docomo cycle insurance (in Japanese only)

docomo One Time Insurance

docomo One Time Insurance logo

This service allows you to get just the necessary amount of insurance whenever the need arises. It provides support for travel, events, and varies other activities.

docomo One Time Insurance (in Japanese only)

docomo medical insurance

docomo medical insurance logo

This is a new special medical insurance for d POINT CLUB members.

docomo medical insurance (in Japanese only)

docomo Insurance (in Japanese only)


Petfit logo

Check your dog's condition, whereabouts, and other information about how your pet is now any time you want.

Petfit (in Japanese only)

docomo Pet Insurance

docomo Pet Insurance logo

This is a pet insurance service.

docomo Pet Insurance (in Japanese only)


Sugotoku-Contents logo

From news & weather and other classic content that makes life easier to fun content such as games and horoscopes, this service provides great value with unlimited usage for a fixed monthly fee.

Sugotoku-Contents (in Japanese only)

Otayori Photo Service

Otayori Photo Service logo

When you are away from your family, it is simple to send photos from a mobile phone or PC to your family's digital photo frame equipped with a communications function (news photo panel).

Otayori Photo Service (in Japanese only)

Docotch Service

Docotch Service logo

It would be great to give children more freedom.
This service links with a smartphone or PC to allow the current situation or whereabouts of a child wearing Docotch to be confirmed.

Docotch Service (in Japanese only)

Cloud Storage Options

This service lets you add capacity as needed for storing data on Data Storage Box and Photo Collection.

Cloud Storage Options (in Japanese only)

Data Storage Box

Data Storage Box is a service that lets you upload the files you need from your smartphone or tablet, etc. and manage them in the cloud without hassle.

Data Storage Box (in Japanese only)

Bio authentication

Image of bio authentication

Set your phone to unlock based on your fingerprint, voice, face, or other physical characteristics.

Bio authentication (in Japanese only)


Radishbo-ya logo

This delivery service provides safe food products that are tasty, such as in-season organic and low-pesticide vegetables and additive-free food.

Provider: Radishbo-ya Co., Ltd.


Okudake-Juden logo

There is no longer any need to insert a charger connector each time you charge your mobile phone. All you have to do to charge your mobile phone is just place it on a charger.

Okudake-Juden (in Japanese only)


d ACCOUNT logo

Many compatible services
This ID allows you to use the services provided by DOCOMO with any device including a smartphone, tablet, and PC and any network including Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE.


manereco logo

This is a household account book app for managing your money. Register your bank accounts and credit cards and you will be able to check your balance and statement for all of them.

manereco (in Japanese only)

Rakuten Auction (Rakuoku)

Rakuoku logo

It's easy to take part in auctions on Rakuoku any time via i-mode or PC. Even beginners can get into the action easily.

  • noticeRakuoku is provided by Rakuten Auction, Inc.
  • noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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