docomo Mobile Payment is a payment service that can be used easily with a DOCOMO mobile phone.
The payment methods "payment with phone charges", "docomo kouza (account) payment", "DCMX (credit card)", other credit card, and "iD net payment" are available, and you can select from the five payment methods after selecting "docomo Mobile Payment" on the purchase screen of a compatible site.

Application : Not Required
Monthly Charge : Free

Image of docomo Mobile Payment

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Just enter your 4-digit password.



  • Payment with phone charges: Billed together with your phone charges
  • docomo kouza (account) payment: Deducted from your docomo kouza (account)
  • Payment by credit card: Paid by your DCMX, credit card, or iD net payment

Full Details

View details on the docomo Mobile Payment service.

  • noticeWhen you have purchased fee-based products, etc. using this service, you can pay the purchase price of products, etc. to DOCOMO, which then pays it to docomo Mobile Payment participating stores on your behalf.
  • noticeThis service can be terminated upon your request.
  • noticeIf you are a corporate user, you need to separately make an application for using the payment with phone charges and cannot use the docomo kouza (account) payment.
  • noticeThis service has three types of usage charges: pay-as-you-go charges, ongoing billing charges, and occasional payment charges.

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