ToruCa are bits of useful information such as flyer advertisements, restaurant cards, and coupons, that you can retrieve in the form of e-cards with your mobile phone.

Application : Not Required
Usage Charge : Free

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Easily get coupons and information with your phone

Get ToruCa by waving your mobile phone over a reader/writer in a shop or by downloading them from sites.


Import paper coupons into your mobile phone

The acquired information is stored in folders on your mobile phone, and can be easily searched, sorted, and otherwise managed on your mobile phone.


Exchange ToruCa with friends who have ToruCa compatible phones

ToruCa can be easily exchanged between ToruCa compatible mobile phones using mail, microSD cards, etc.

noticeSome functions may not be available depending on the model.

Compatible Handsets

Full Details

View details on the ToruCa service.

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