Okudake-Juden is DOCOMO's wireless charging function that is compliant with the Qi (pronounced "chee") standard established by the Wireless Power Consortium.
It allows you to charge your mobile phone by just placing it on a charger.

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Eliminates the need to insert a connector each time you charge your mobile phone

This function eliminates the need to open the charging terminal cap and insert the charger connector. You can now easily charge your mobile phone by just placing it on a wireless charger.


Allows you to charge your mobile phone anytime, anywhere

As the use of Okudake-Juden expandsnotice1, you will be able to use this function not just at home but also in a variety of places including airport lounges, salons, hotels, restaurants, and bars. And since you will be able to use Okudake-Juden when you are out, you will no longer need to carry a charger around with you.

notice1 For details, see Expansion of Okudake-Juden (in Japanese only)


Neat and tidy charging with a single charger

Are you tired of having a mess of cables as a result of connecting a different charger for each device to the same power outlet? This function allows you to charge multiple compatible devices with a single charger by just placing them on the charger, which in turn allows you to keep the areas around power outlets neat and tidy.

Full Details

View details on the Okudake-Juden function.

Qi Standard Established by the Wireless Power Consortium

For details on Qi, check out the Wireless Power Consortium website.

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