Data Communications

You can connect a notebook PC, game console, or other device to the Internet to view websites and use search, mail, and other features not only at home or at work but also when you are on the go.

docomo Data Communication

Ultrafast data communications at the maximum data rates of 1288 Mbps*1 for receiving and 131.3 Mbps*2 for sending are available.
This service allows you to enjoy broadband at speeds equivalent to a fiber-optic connection and with quick access that almost feels like an always-on connection.

  1. The maximum data rate of 1288 Mbps for receiving is only available in some regions.
    For details on compatible areas and compatible models, check Service Area.
  2. The maximum data rate of 131.3 Mbps for sending is only available in some regions.

FOMA Data Communications

Fast data communications at the maximum data rates of 14 Mbps for receiving and 5.7 Mbps for sending. You can select either a flat-rate or measured-rate plan to match your style of use.

DOCOMO Wi-Fi Services

With DOCOMO Wi-Fi services, using Wi-Fi while out is smooth, simple, and convenient.

  • Fast and pleasurable experience!
    Browsing the net and downloading videos are smooth when you use Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to connect!
    If you have a SIM authentication compatible model, connecting is simple as all you need to do is set the Wi-Fi setting to ON.
  • Convenience of connecting various devices!
    This service is convenient as you can connect not only your smartphone and tablet but also your other Wi-Fi capable devices such as your PC and game console.
  • Economical as reduces packet communications charges!
    Using Wi-Fi enables you to keep your data communications volume low, thus reducing packet communications charges.

docomo Wi-Fi for visitors

Image of docomo Wi-Fi for visitors

docomo Wi-Fi for visitor is a service provided for a fee to foreigners visiting Japan.
Use the service by selecting the subscription plan to use depending on the purpose, such as sightseeing or business, and duration of your visit.
Security through WPA2 encryption also provides peace of mind.

  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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