Enjoy yourself freely in your spare time.
There are many services for you to make your mobile phone fun including music, video, One-Seg, and game services.

dmarket logo

dmarket introduces convenient and fun content in an easy way to understand. It enables you to obtain content for use on your mobile phone or smartphone that matches your lifestyle.

dmarket (in Japanese only)


Image of an e-book

honto is an e-bookstore that allows you to purchase and read full books such as literary books and comics.
To use the bookstore from your smartphone, download the honto application from dmenu (dmenu).
Your book reader is ready to use the bookstore right away.

Photo Collection

Image of Photo Collection

Keep your memories with you at all times.
Photo Collection is a service that allows you to store all of your important photos and videos together in the cloud.
This means that you can enjoy the photos of your memories automatically grouped by, for example, person or event from various devices.

Photo Collection (in Japanese only)

Media Player

Image of Media Player

This application allows you to play music and movie content on your smartphone.

Media Player (in Japanese only)

Music Player

Image of Music Player

You can transfer tunes from your favorite CDs or those downloaded to your PC from online music stores to play them on your phone.

Music Player (in Japanese only)

Melody Call

Melody Call Logo

Instead of the standard ringback tone, you can have your favorite tunes play for the caller.

Melody Call (in Japanese only)


Image of Chokkan Boxing


A huge number of games are available as downloads from i-mode sites and elsewhere. Play Chokkan Games that let you control the action intuitively, Mega Games with realistic sounds and images, and others.

Games (in Japanese only)

Access Point Mode

Image of access point mode

Access point mode allows connecting a PC, portable game console, or other device to the Net, which means you can play games anywhere as long as you are in a FOMA area.

Access Point Mode (in Japanese only)

i-αppli online

Image of i-αppli online

i-αppli allows you to communicate in real time with multiple people. Using the i-αppli call function that is linked to the Phonebook to call an opponent from the i-αppli currently being used allows you to enjoy enhanced fighting and cooperative games.

i-αppli online (in Japanese only)

i-αppli touch

Image of i-αppli touch

Just align [FeliCa platform mark] to connect and communicate by Bluetooth®.

i-αppli touch (in Japanese only)


NOTTV logo

NOTTV, Japan's first broadcast station for smartphones, brings a different kind of enjoyment from that offered by TV and video on demand up until now.


Image of One-Seg

Catch television shows when you are out or when commuting to work. Plus, you can easily access i-mode sites from data broadcasts.

One-Seg (in Japanese only)


Image of G-GUIDE EPG

View information on the TV programs you wish to know about whenever you want, and remotely make a reservation to record a program on your home hard disk recorder.

G-GUIDE EPG (in Japanese only)



Comprehensive UGCnotice1 media allows you to view and submit work pieces and hobby project creations such as novels, essays, instructions on how to do things, comics, illustrations, photos, recipes, and Japanese poems (Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, etc.).

notice1 UGC media is a media service that allows you to create and submit content such as novels, illustrations, and photos yourself, and other users to view and use your content.

Rakuten Auction (Rakuoku)

Rakuoku logo

It's easy to take part in auctions on Rakuoku any time via i-mode or PC. Even beginners can get into the action easily.

  • noticehonto is an e-bookstore provided by honto, Inc.
  • noticeRakuoku is a service provided by Rakuten Auction, Inc.
  • noticeBluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
  • noticeThe FeliCa platform mark mark is a registered trademark of FeliCa Networks, Inc.
  • noticeNOTTV is a trademark of mmbi, Inc.
  • noticeEVERYSTAR is a service provided by EVERYSTAR Co., Ltd.

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