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Surf the Internet on your mobile phone. View (custom) menu sites and i-mode compatible websites, catch up on your mail, get news and other information, and download music, games, and other content.

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What You Can Do with i-mode

View i-mode sites

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Use the menu lists and search function or directly input the website address (URL) to access a range of i-mode compatible websites.

Check the weather, news, and other information

Image of checking the weather, news, and other information

This service allows you to check the weather, news, horoscopes, and other up-to-date information, and automatically delivers information such as news flashes and discounts to your i-mode mobile phone.

noticeA separate application with the content provider may be required to access some sites.

Exchange mail

Image of exchanging mail

As long as the other party has an Internet e-mail address, you can exchange mail messages of up to 5,000 full-size (10,000 half-size) characters. Plus, you can receive large images from devices such as FOMA phones or PCs connected to the Internet and fun Deco-mail sent from FOMA handsets.

Download games and music

Download and enjoy games and standby screens as well as your favorite tunes as ringtones and Chaku-Uta®.

noticeA separate application with the content provider may be required to access some sites.

noticePlease note that from June 1, 2012 applications for ISPs (i-mode, sp-mode, mopera U, BlackBerry Internet Service, etc.) may be rejected if the number of times you have applied for ISPs in the same month is 10 or more.

View websites at high speed and download large files


If you are in a FOMA HIGH-SPEED area, high-speed packet communications at the maximum data rate of 14 Mbps or 3.6 Mbpsnotice1 for receiving are available.

  • notice1 The maximum data rates differ depending on the model. For the compatibility status, check FOMA HIGH-SPEED compatible models (in Japanese only). The maximum data rate for sending is 384 kbps.
  • noticeThe data rate is the maximum value of the technical specification when sending and receiving and does not represent the actual data rate. Communications are provided on a best-effort basis. Actual data rates may differ depending on the communications environment and network congestion.

i-mode Usage Regulations FOMA (in Japanese only)

  • noticeChaku-Uta is a registered trademark of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
  • noticeUnless otherwise specified, all indicated amounts exclude tax.

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